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01. 07. 2020 Damiano Chini NetEye

NetEye Agent: a New Daemon for Supervising the NetEye Installation

Beginning in NetEye 4.12 we introduced the neteye upgrade command, which enables NetEye users to automatically and safely perform a number of tasks needed to complete a NetEye upgrade, both in single instance environments as well as in cluster environments (have a look here for more information about the neteye upgrade command). In order to…

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25. 06. 2020 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

Configuring Fencing on Dell Servers

As a NetEye User I want to handle node failures when they happen in my cluster. When a node becomes unresponsive, it might still be accessing your data: the only way to ensure that a node is truly offline is to shut it down. This procedure is called fencing. NetEye 4 relies on Corosync/Pacemaker, also…

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17. 06. 2020 Gerhard Schenk NetEye

The New NetEye Release – Thank You for Attending

Thanks for attending our webinar yesterday on the new NetEye Release. We hope you enjoyed it! If your question wasn’t answered during the live event, we plan on getting back to you within the next day or two. You can access the slides below. Please feel free to pass these along to colleagues who may…

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04. 06. 2020 Gerhard Schenk Log-SIEM, NetEye

How To Operate SIEM Under GDPR

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems plays an important role in helping your organization comply with GDPR requirements. Find out in this upcoming webinar how your team can fully understand the implications of SIEM, and should manage it according to these regulations. Learn our 5 “musts” also recommended by data protection experts. Thursday, 18th of June, 3.00 PM…

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05. 05. 2020 Gerhard Schenk Uncategorized


Security issues are currently at the forefront of a comprehensive monitoring attention: the performance of business-critical IT applications must be guaranteed even against the background of increasing cyber attacks. This was the main topic of our first Live Meeting session, with Security Auditor Günter Aigle presenting how availability, integrity and confidentiality create more security in…

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24. 04. 2020 Nicola Degara Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring, Webinar

NetEye 4: novità nel monitoraggio unificato per l’infrastruttura IT 🇮🇹

La trasformazione digitale crea continue nuove sfide per la gestione IT. Sono ora necessarie tecniche di monitoraggio avanzate, distribuite, scalabili ed automatizzate per analizzare quantità sempre maggiori di dati. NetEye, nella versione 4, accetta la sfida! NetEye offre una piattaforma di controllo completa in grado di raccogliere dati sulle prestazioni da ciascun sistema, analizzandoli rapidamente…

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15. 04. 2020 Patrick Zambelli Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Observability Thanks to AI

With the rapidly advancing digitalization of the economy, the availability of IT is becoming business-critical. Unplanned downtime is no longer acceptable, 24/7 operation is indispensable. For administrators, this means that they have to identify incidents before they lead to damaging behaviors in business processes. AIOps promises support in this direction. The digital transformation or our…

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02. 04. 2020 Damiano Chini NetEye

Tornado Communication over NATS

Until the NetEye 4.10 release, the Tornado module inside NetEye handled communications between its components (the Tornado Collectors and the Tornado Engine) via direct, clear-text TCP connections. On local systems, this configuration does not represent a limitation, since in this case there is no requirement to verify the identity of the peer (it is always…

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31. 03. 2020 Stefano Bruno ITOA, NetEye

Take Care of Your Data: InfluxDB Sanitization

InfluxDB is the database used in NetEye for saving performance data. It guarantees graphic visibility of the data (thanks to the Grafana frontend) and it is very important that the data stored is useful. I’ll give you an example of how simple it can be to produce obsolete data in Influx: Suppose I create a…

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31. 03. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Configure Telegram Notifications on NetEye

In a previous post, Valentina showed us how to configure Slack Notifications… and here I will similarly show you how to configure Telegram notifications on NetEye. Create a Telegram Bot A very easy way to create a bot on Telegram is through … another bot 😉 BotFather is a Telegram bot dedicated to the creation…

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26. 03. 2020 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

NetEye Voting-only Node

A common issue in cluster environment is the split brain condition. A split brain occurs when some nodes of the cluster are not able to communicate properly, but instead continue to work like two separate, distinct clusters leading to data or service inconsistency. To prevent this situation a common solution is to introduce the concept…

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23. 03. 2020 Juergen Vigna NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring iSeries Hosts with NetEye

Last week I had to implement monitoring checks for a customer’s host running an IBM iSeries server. As the monitoring for that is a bit particular, I’d like to share what I did, and also share with you an Icinga2 Basket containing the monitoring structure. Where to Find the Necessary Files You may download the…

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13. 03. 2020 Luca Franzoi Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Bug discovered on NetEye module logmanagement and SIEM

A bug has been discovered on NetEye modules logmanagement and SIEM. If affected, rsyslog directories on system might be created with wrong permissions causing Logstash to be unable to load log lines of some hosts inside Elasticsearch. Users might also receive an error message trying to check signatures for some hosts inside Logmanager Log Check….

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04. 02. 2020 Oreste Attanasio NetEye, Service Management

Microsoft will Deny Plain LDAP Connections to AD Beginning March 2020

Starting in March 2020, Microsoft will release an update which includes hardening measures for LDAP binding. Read the full advisory here: . This affects all of us who still use plain LDAP to perform queries in Active Directory. Starting in March we will be forced to use secure LDAP binding, because AD will deny…

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30. 12. 2019 Stefano Bruno ITOA, NetEye

Burstable Billing Bandwidth Using NetEye

Within Internet provider companies, very often we are asked to calculate the amount of Internet bandwidth in order to bill any excess use of bandwidth to each customer. We decided to make this calculation completely customizable using NetEye together with the built-in tools Icinga2, InfluxDB and Grafana. Phase 1 Using an SNMP check, we measure…

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