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03. 05. 2023 Davide Sbetti Anomaly Detection, ITOA, NetEye

A Simple Grafana Data Source for Outlier Detection (POC) – Part 2

In my previous post, we saw how it’s possible to build a simple Grafana Data Source Plugin, which we can use to read data from whatever source we’d like to use. In particular, we used it to read data from a simple web service we created so we could expose data containing some outliers. In…

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02. 05. 2023 Davide Gallo Contribution, NetEye

Using Ansible to Automate Agent Deployment

NetEye relies on many agents in order to monitor just one server, some examples are: Icinga, Telegraf, Elastic beats, GLPI agent and so on. As a Site Reliability Engineer, I’m responsible for ensuring that all these agents run smoothly. This can involve performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks like managing configurations, deploying updates, and provisioning new…

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21. 04. 2023 Alessandro Romboli Business Service Monitoring, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring Veritas Backup Exec

Scenario Veritas Backup Exec is widely used for the backup of physical machines through local installed agents both on Windows and Linux hosts. It also supports application backup for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and several different Database engines, with the option of a granular application data restore. The product additionally supports virtual backup through Hyper-V and…

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05. 04. 2023 Mattia Codato Asset Management, Icinga Web 2, NetEye, Service Management, Uncategorized

The Evolution of Multi-tenancy in NetEye

A very important, fast-evolving area during the latest NetEye releases has been multi-tenancy. In a system with many tenants, the most complex aspect is probably the proper and orderly management of user permissions. To help administrators in this task, we have introduced the concept of tenant role in NetEye 4.29. The tenant role is a…

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03. 04. 2023 Damiano Chini Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Introducing Observability in El Proxy

If you’re familiar with the NetEye SIEM module you probably also know El Proxy, the solution integrated into NetEye to ensure the integrity and inalterability of the logs produced by the SIEM module. Since its introduction in NetEye, the only way to understand what El Proxy was doing was to inspect its logs, but as…

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27. 03. 2023 Davide Sbetti Anomaly Detection, ITOA, NetEye

A Simple Grafana Data Source for Outlier Detection (POC) – Part 1

In this article, I’d like to step through the development of a simple Proof of Concept (POC) Grafana data source with you where we retrieve data from an API, apply an outlier detection technique, and then visualize the end results in a dashboard. So… let’s begin! Note: All the code discussed in this blog post…

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02. 03. 2023 Elena Valgoi Atlassian, Knowledge Management, NetEye, Service Management

Atlassian Bi-Monthly News 🎉 ~ March Edition

Welcome, everyone to our first “Monthly Atlassian News”! Why are we doing this? You might know that the Atlassian website is so complete, that finding information can be a big challenge😵 So… we decided to do the dirty work for you and summarize all the latest features and news from the Atlassian ecosystem every two…

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27. 02. 2023 Elena Valgoi Atlassian, Knowledge Management, NetEye, Service Management

You’re Not Using Confluence the Right Way, Part 2

In my last article I used some examples to show how you can collaborate on Confluence. I talked about how it’s useful for knowledge management and project management, especially if integrated with the Atlassian suite. I also gave some examples on how it can be used at the enterprise level to improve communication. Today I…

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20. 02. 2023 Elena Valgoi Atlassian, Knowledge Management, NetEye, Service Management

You’re Not Using Confluence the Right Way

Have you ever wondered if you’re using Confluence to its full potential? Confluence is such a flexible tool, and can be used in so many ways, that a lot of people get confused about it. Many customers have asked me what’s the added value of this tool compared to others, so here’s a short guide…

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16. 02. 2023 Giovanni Davide Saccá Unified Monitoring

NagVis Module: How to Create a Regular Map

NagVis is a visualization add-on for NetEye, and can be used to show NetEye monitoring data, over for example, a Network Schema as the use case below will show you. Thanks to NagVis, you can import a previously created network schema into NetEye, and overlay network objects that have previously been monitored by NetEye. Let’s…

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15. 02. 2023 Giovanni Davide Saccá Unified Monitoring

NetEye GeoMap Module

NetEye provides its users with the GeoMap module, and recently a customer asked me to prepare a useful GeoMap configuration for him, so he could geographically locate the backbone devices in his network. The NetEye Geo Map module allows you to overlay the position and status of hosts on top of a customizable map, based…

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15. 02. 2023 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Grafana: InfluxDB Query to Extract More Than a Single Metric in a Single Panel

A particular client who operates as an ISP for its customers and corporate departments requested the ability to summarize and display, in convenient graphs, a few metrics related to the bandwidth delivered on switch ports, where the available gateways provide connectivity. The first activity I undertook was to obtain the MIB files and OIDs from…

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28. 12. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

Monitoring Automation in Director

Director is one of the most important modules in NetEye 4 because it’s used for managing, automating and deploying the configurations of all monitored objects. In all our projects we use automation in Director: through the Import and Synchronization rules we can automate many operations such as the import and synchronization of hosts, service checks,…

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27. 12. 2022 Damiano Chini Development, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Adding Settings to Beats Agents’ Templates Based on the Index Name

With the introduction of the Composable Index Templates in Elastic, we at NetEye had to redesign the way index settings and mappings are applied to the indices generated by El Proxy. In this post I’ll explain: The solution explained in the remainder of the post was designed for El Proxy, but it may apply also…

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22. 12. 2022 Andrea Mariani ITOA, NetEye

Exporting Grafana Graphs to CSV

Some time ago, a customer asked me if it was possible to export the data used by NetEye 4 Performance Graphs to CSV format. In particular, the performance graphs that are displayed within Icinga 2’s web interface currently have no option to export their data. After some research, I found that the only way to…

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