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20. 03. 2024 Attilio Broglio Unified Monitoring

How to Monitor the TOP N RAM-Using Processes

After developing a custom check for monitoring the most CPU demanding processes on Windows servers, we implemented a similar check for RAM usage. Like I described in that previous post, we built this command via PowerShell. PowerShell provides the cmdlet: Get-Counter that gets performance counter data directly from the performance monitoring instrumentation in the Windows…

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20. 03. 2024 Attilio Broglio Unified Monitoring

How to Monitor the TOP N CPU-Using Processes

During my last session with a customer, I faced an interesting and challenging issue in the Windows environment. The question was: “How can I monitor the list of the most CPU-demanding processes?” The request immediately looked like one that’s very simple to understand, but hard to implement. We look for something out of the box…

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14. 03. 2024 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Control Remote Devices from NagVis Maps via Tornado

This article stems from a project on the remote control of devices using NagVis maps. The main purpose is to find an easy way to actuate a remote device through a click on an interface. To do this, we implemented a method that uses Nagvis’ context menu by adding links. Clicking on them sends a…

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22. 11. 2023 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Improve Tornado Rules with a Mapping Modifier

Some years ago, one of my colleagues wrote an article about how to “Avoid Tornado Rules Repetition with a Map Post-modifier”. He presented an interesting and very useful way for creating Tornado rules without rewriting them. The core of his approach was based on the Mapping modifier, a functionality in the previous Tornado GUI that…

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28. 06. 2023 Attilio Broglio Icinga Web 2, NetEye

Add Host Custom Variables to the Service Overview

Custom Variables are widely used in the NetEye 4 (Icinga) monitoring system in order to tag/add information to a host/service. In order to speed up setting these variables, users use the inheritance mechanism to inherit them from parent objects (i.e. hosts). This feature is very useful, but sometimes it can create some doubt about what…

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16. 05. 2023 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Grafana and Icinga Agent Version

Monitoring systems acquire information from various devices in different ways: API, SNMP, syslog, etc. One of the most important methods in Icinga-based systems like NetEye is the Icinga Agent. This agent is installed on each server and collects and sends information to the master NetEye node using secure protocols. When we work within a small…

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20. 12. 2022 Attilio Broglio NetEye

How to Parse HTML Email Messages with Tornado

Tornado is a CEP “Complex Event Processor” that receives reports of events from data sources such as monitoring and email, matches them against preconfigured rules, and executes the actions associated with those rules. Some vendors provide static notification systems that cannot be customized. For example, during one project we were faced with a tool that…

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10. 10. 2022 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring COMMVAULT via API in NetEye 4

Commvault software is an enterprise-level data platform used to back up, restore, archive, replicate, and search data. The software is available across cloud and on-premises environments, and a lot of customers are using this solution as part of their infrastructure. And in such situations the necessity arises to develop a solution for integrating COMMVAULT information…

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27. 06. 2022 Attilio Broglio NetEye

Automatically Cleaning up Old Services  in NetEye 4

Introduction In this article I’ll introduce a feature that some customers have frequently asked for. The customers’ request is linked to the fact that automation (whether via Tornado, ad-hoc scripts, etc.) generate a lot of services “on the fly”, for example as shown in my previous blog post. These services are created, updated and eventually…

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10. 06. 2022 Attilio Broglio Development, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitor Cisco’s APIC FAULT (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller) in NetEye 4

Introduction As introduced in a previous post, Cisco’s APIC is a core component for several of our customers; it’s a complex solution that every user can employ to fully customize their configuration. There I explained how to monitor the APIC at a high level, summarizing the fault information tenant by tenant. Some customers needed to…

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29. 11. 2021 Attilio Broglio NetEye

Dynamically Manage Traps from a PowerMe UPS in NetEye’s Tornado

UPSs are critical devices that need particular attention when you’re monitoring them. Most of them are not very performant with respect to SMNP requests you send them. For this reason, passive monitoring via SNMP traps is the best solution. In this way, monitoring doesn’t burden the hardware with useless requests. In this session we’ll look…

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18. 10. 2021 Attilio Broglio NetEye

Dependency Migration from NetEye 3 to NetEye 4 via Automation

Thanks to automation, migration between NetEye 3 and NetEye 4 can be easily performed for a lot of entities such as hosts and services. But additional elements like parent-child relationships can be missed. So we implemented a procedure for mass-migration of this information from the old platform to the new one. Solution In the NetEye…

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17. 09. 2021 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitor Cisco APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller) in NetEye 4

Introduction The Cisco APIC is the main architectural component of Cisco ACI. It’s the unified point of automation and management for the Cisco ACI fabric, policy enforcement, and health monitoring, and it optimizes performance and agility. In this article we’ll integrate this solution into the NetEye platform using a simple and customizable approach Solution The…

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26. 07. 2021 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Building and Stress Testing Multitenancy NetEye-NTOP

Introduction The nTop application is one of NetEye’s integrated solutions for network traffic monitoring. In order to test its scalability, we decided to build a test bench where we could simulate a customer who needs to monitor a large number of devices (i.e., 1-2K routers) and wants to group this information at the nTop level…

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