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21. 12. 2017 Massimiliano De Luca NetEye

GROK: Instructions for Use

Grok is a plug-in installed by default in Logstash, which is supplied with the Elastic package (the ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana), one of the integrated modules in our NetEye Unified Monitoring solution.What is this plug-in for? First of all, Grok is an English neologism that means  “to understand profoundly, intuitively or by empathy,… Read More

21. 12. 2017 Massimiliano De Luca NetEye

The Importance of Naming Convention in NetEye

Imagine that you need to change offices quite often. In each of these offices, you’ll need to use a different PC. Each computer obviously has a different keyboard. And every time you change offices, you’d need to learn the new keyboard layout. What a waste of time! Although the example may be trivial, it should… Read More

30. 05. 2017 Massimiliano De Luca NetEye

IoT: The future, today.

The Smith-Family is driving on the highway to arrive to their holiday destination in Italy, as a car in front of them suddenly brakes. A truck accidently has lost demolition debris and thereby almost caused a multiple-vehicle collision. Mrs. Jones is driving the car just behind the truck and as her car brakes, it simultaneously… Read More