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22. 12. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

Hostgroup Ping Dashboard

Hostgroups are a grouping of hosts with similar characteristics such as geographical location, type, severity, environment, operating system, applications and much more. Hostgroups can be created for multiple purposes such as: The default Host Group view is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and useful ones in NetEye because, for each group, it immediately shows…

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30. 10. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo Atlassian, NetEye

How to Monitor NetEye with OpsGenie Heartbeats

Have you ever thought about how to monitor your NetEye system or other critical applications in a network failure scenario? To manage this scenario, in some customer cases some solutions have been implemented using SMS notifications, thus relying on the support of the mobile network as a notification channel.But what happens when even the mobile…

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23. 06. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo Icinga Web 2, NetEye

Scheduling Downtime on Linux Environments

In one of my previous posts I mentioned the importance of downtime scheduling and shared an interesting example of a PowerShell script for managing downtime in Windows environments. Recently a customer asked me how to manage downtime with a similar solution, but for several hundred Linux servers monitored under NetEye. The reason is very simple:…

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09. 06. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

Monitoring, Collection of Metrics and Dashboard of the NetEye Database

As you all know NetEye uses MariaDB as its database. With the nep-monitoring-core module of the NetEye Extension Packs (NEP), the following aspects of MariaDB are monitored: These checks are performed with a default time interval (check_interval) of 180s. To have real time control of many aspects of the MariaDB database operation, I suggest installing…

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28. 12. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

Monitoring Automation in Director

Director is one of the most important modules in NetEye 4 because it’s used for managing, automating and deploying the configurations of all monitored objects. In all our projects we use automation in Director: through the Import and Synchronization rules we can automate many operations such as the import and synchronization of hosts, service checks,…

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21. 10. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo Icinga Web 2, ITOA, NetEye

A Custom Dashboard for Windows and Linux Servers

The performance graphs present in NetEye are very useful for getting an immediate idea of the trend related to a service check, but they’re still limited to the metric being viewed. Also, the “Show all graphs” option available from the Actions menu of each monitored Host can have different usage limits due to the presence…

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24. 06. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

R.I.P. IPMI – Long Live Redfish

IPMI (the Intelligent Platform Management Interface) has been the de facto standard for managing and monitoring computer hardware for many years, but as Intel explicitly stated here no further updates to the IPMI specification are planned or should be expected. “No further updates to the IPMI specification are planned or should be expected. The IPMI…

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15. 04. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

Scheduled Downtime Management

The correct configuration and scheduling of downtime is an essential element of a monitoring system for several reasons: Mitigating notifications Providing IT operations and Service Desk teams with timely information about when monitored systems may be subject to faults due to maintenance Managing patching, reboot and maintenance procedures that are now typical of all IT…

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29. 12. 2021 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

Business Processes and Dashboards

The Business Process module is one of the most useful modules in NetEye, but it’s often underestimated. A Business Process offers a way to model relations between monitored objects by NetEye (host and services), allowing you to model applications or infrastructures. They also allow you to drill down into the details, from high-level services to…

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22. 10. 2021 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

NetEye Problems Dashboard

Do you need a customizable dashboard to better track problems detected by NetEye? Here’s one: WARNING This dashboard does not take into account the user’s role and related permissions and it is intended for use by an administrator on an on-premise non multi-tenant installation of NetEye. USE CASE The standard Problems display (divided into two…

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24. 06. 2021 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

How to monitor applications using JSON pages

As you all known, JSON is a standard format used for exchanging data between applications. This standard is adopted by practically every vendor and by many applications to make information available via REST API. It is therefore very useful to exploit this information in standard format also in the monitoring field. A concrete example that…

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01. 04. 2021 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

NetEye Home Dashboard

“A dashboard should tell a story or answer a question” “Dashboards should reduce cognitive load, not add to it“ Following the two best practices mentioned above I would like to consider the following use case: I am a NetEye customer with a single node implementation and I would like a dashboard that helps me to…

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31. 08. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo Development, NetEye

Getting in Touch with the Flux Language and NetEye

NetEye is a constantly evolving solution that allows you to monitor the status of heterogeneous objects and collect metrics from different sources. Properly correlated, this data can become an important source of information for your business. With the 4.13 release we added an important tool that allows you to manage data: we upgraded InfluxDB to…

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19. 08. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo Icinga Web 2, NetEye

NetEye 4 Template Library (NTL) and Icinga Template Library

NetEye4 provides the Icinga Template Library and includes several plugins ready for use. The Icinga Template Library (ITL) implements standard templates and object definitions which allows for the very quick and effective use of plugins. These definitions are read-only and available through the Icinga Director > Commands > External Commands menu. Most of the plugins…

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23. 06. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Identify and Monitor Active Directory Domain Controllers with NetEye 4

NetEye 4, thanks to the Director module, offers very powerful mechanisms when it comes to fetching data from external data sources. Among the external resources that can be configured in NetEye 4 there is clearly LDAP / Active Directory. This type of resource can be used for multiple purposes: Authentication of users Import of LDAP…

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