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12. 04. 2022 TobiasGoller Unified Monitoring

News from nBox and ntopng

In the last few weeks I installed and configured some nBoxes with the new ntopng version 5.2. Now I’d like to briefly tell you all about it. For all of you who don’t know what an nBox is, I’ll relay the official definition here: nBox Recorder is a network traffic disk recorder application. With nBox…

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02. 11. 2021 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

nBox to NetEye Elastic Module

A customer asked me to analyze their network flows, with a solution oriented towards using an nBox that collects NetFlow data from a router located away from the branch office, takes it in for analysis, and then sends it to a NetEye Elastic module, which act as an analysis console for that NetFlow data. The…

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26. 11. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye, Unified Monitoring

ntop Training

Who is using your network and how? What kind of traffic does your company generate? Where does slow network performance come from? ntop has the answers. ntop is a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. This solution provides an intuitive, encrypted web user interface for the exploration of both real-time and historical traffic information. In our…

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09. 06. 2016 Luca Di Stefano Unified Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring: Port Mirroring vs. Network TAPs vs. Hardware Timestamp

Monitoring network traffic was initially used only for highlighting the typology of network traffic and the quantity of packages/bites broadcasted. This information are important to analyze anomalies, to optimize flows (balance network traffic) and to size the infrastructure.

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30. 03. 2015 Sandro Santinato NetEye

Neu im NetEye Reporting: Darstellung von Top Flow Statistiken

Mit der letzten Version des NetEye Reportings (2.1), welches mit NetEye 3.5 zur Verfügung steht, haben wir zwei neue, sehr interessante Features in Bezug auf die Analyse von NetFlow Statistiken implementiert. Für all jene, die mit NetFlow nicht so vertraut sind: NetFlow ist eine Technik, welche es Ihnen erlaubt IP-Datenströme auf Ihrer nBox zu erfassen….

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20. 12. 2012 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Real User Experience

Real User Experience Monitoring with NetEye

In order to analyze the quality level of the delivered IT services the traditional monitoring systems used to focus exclusively on the control of hardware and software components and the network, neglecting the measurement of the performance experienced by the end user. Until now it was not always possible, in fact, to give a precise…

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22. 04. 2012 Luca Di Stefano Real User Experience

Real User Experience Monitoring: How to handle a load balancer

The Real User Experience Monitoring (RUM) is a new approach adopted to provide specific control on IT services and systems, allowing to analyse the performance and response time that the user really experiences. If you have an application behind a load balancer and the probe is between the client and the load balancer, the RUM retrieves…

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21. 12. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Collection and Exploration of Large Data

Hakin9, a free monthly magazine on IT Security in its December edition published an article written by Luca Deri mentioning also the adoption of the nBox appliance with a pre-installed ntop and anProbe software. The magazine also pre-announced the 2011 edition of our Conference on Nagios & OSS Monitoring scheduled for the 12th of May. snort_exposed_hakin9_14-172 snort_exposed_hakin9_38-39

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