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01. 07. 2019 MarinovMihail Downloads / Release Notes

Updated Safed Agent v1.10.1 for UX

The Safed agent for AIX version 7.1 now supports TLS 1.3 based on WolfSSL 3.15.7. The Safed agent 1.10.1 for UX is available on our github repository. Follow the steps described in the README file to compile and install both wolfssl 3.15.7 and safed 1.10.1 After that is will be possible to configure the secure…

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29. 03. 2019 Angelo Rosace Log Management, NetEye

Host Creation via Icingacli Commands for Monitoring and Deploying a Safed Agent Configuration

Creating hosts in NetEye’s Director module can sometimes be time-consuming and a repetitious, tiring and boring job. Especially if you have to populate Director with a large number of hosts for setting up a test environment, for example. One solution is to create a script consisting of nothing but icingacli commands. Each command line instruction…

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25. 03. 2019 Oreste Attanasio Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Safed improvements since 1.10.1

The Safed agent keeps track of the events it receives from the Eventlog by keeping the LastEventID in registry. At start time the agent tries to retrieve all events from Windows Eventlog since starting from the LastEventID. When the amount of events since LastEventID is too large or the LastEventID has been removed from the…

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28. 08. 2012 TobiasGoller NetEye

File access monitor

Many companies use shared directories or files to allow different users to access the information and if necessary modify them. When I am on customer site implementing new NetEye projects, it happens very often that there is the need to monitor the accesses on these shared files. To satisfy this requirement it is necessary  to…

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