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15. 11. 2021 TobiasGoller NetEye

The NetEye 4 SMS Tools Module

As perhaps all NetEye users who have already used NetEye 3 know, NetEye 3 included the SMS Tools module. This simple module allowed a user to send SMS messages via a connected SMS gateway. These weren’t the usual monitoring alarms, but simple messages that were to be sent to various cell phones. Contacts could be…

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29. 03. 2019 Charles Callaway Cloud, NetEye

SMS Notifications by Bridging Ethernet and Serial with Moxa’s NPort

Monitoring needs to take place wherever data is collected, which may not always be right next to your NetEye server. If you have poor signal reception, or else you’re running on a virtual machine, and you need 24×7 availability, notification via SMS may be the only option. Sometimes you just can’t run a serial cable…

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05. 07. 2016 Juergen Vigna Log Management, NetEye

Practical Application of the NetEye Log Management Module to visualize SMS Notifications

Sometimes it is not so visible how many SMS are sent by a NetEye Server and to whom. So it could be a good idea to give the sms-send-protocol file to the Log Management and to include it into the Elasticsearch Index. Then you may create a Dashboard in Kibana to show the usage of your…

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24. 02. 2011 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye: Qui custodiet custodes

Chi controlla i controllori?Con questo non voglio certo discutere come Giovenale sui costumi romani, ma presentare un nuovo strumento che darà maggior sicurezza all’appliance NetEye.La nuova funzionalità si occupa di tenere sotto controllo lo stato di NetEye. Qualora l’Appliance non desse più segni di vita, si attiva in automatico l’invio di SMS di emergenza per…

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10. 04. 2009 Juergen Vigna Unified Monitoring

Notifiche Nagios oltre SMS e E-Mail

Chi usa Nagios sa che uno delle funzionalità essenziali é la notificazione su problemi critici. Normalmente si usa l’email o SMS come sistema di notificazione, specialmente in ambiente dove un GSM Modem é presente come nel caso di NetEye in qui il GSM Modem é attaccato direttamente all’Appliance. Aver collegato il GSM Modem direttamente all’Appliance…

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