AS/400 monitoring with NetEye

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During the implementation of a NetEye project, one of our customer had the need to integrate into NetEye the checks performed on AS400 environments. In this context, we have realized a custom integration that allows users to directly understand the performance of various AS4/00 processes in NetEye and to receive notifications in case of anomalies on the system.

Since not all users have administrative rights or know the commands to re-launch the failed processes on AS/400 environment, we have designed an interface with the Action Launchpad module of NetEye. In case an error occurs, in fact, operators can restart the processes that are interrupted through a simple graphical interface that contains predefined commands that can be executed and that allows the user to authenticate directly to the system.

With the Message Console, finally, it is possible to view all the details of the problem, eventually aknowledge it or close failed processes that have been re-launched.

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Saved one year-man: NetEye at Came Group

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Massimiliano Tesser, CIO at Came

Came Group, already NetEye customer for years, is a proper example of a company that – starting with the need to monitor their infrastructure – has optimized their IT services by adopting a comprehensive IT Service Management strategy based on the NetEye offer.

The initial requirements
Initially, with the introduction of NetEye, Came was able to check the level of system reliability and availability, obtaining various benefits from a functional and conceputal point of view in terms of openness, flexibility and cost containment.

Continuous expansion of the solution
“Once we had verified the validity of this choice, – states Massimiliano Tesser, CIO of Came – we decided to continue on this path, constantly expanding the range of functionalities covered by the IT System Management solution provided by Würth Phoenix.”
The extension of the solution concerning functional areas in the field of Incident, Problem and Availability Management over the years allowed Came to save resources in the order of one year – man, precious time that could be allocated to activities with other important business value. 

Over 1,200 checks every 5 minutes
“An important process area, that is delegated to the new system management approach, is related to safety – disk space, intrusions, up and down: only with regard to this aspect, we have currently implemented about 1,200 check every 5 minutes.” says Tesser. Not forgetting the web: Came is now relying on various suppliers for the hosting and / or the housing of their own web solutions. “Today everything is centralized, and even in this case the systems management solution monitors all web services, highlighting problems but, above all, in a timely manner indicating the probable source of the problem, thanks to the increasingly sophisticated correlations in the system.” In short Came is also planing to adopt OTRS and to attend ITIL training courses provided by specialized consultants of Würth Phoenix.

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New SNMP Interface table on the switch ports

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The new  SNMP_Interface_Table, that has been integrated into NetEye, aims to monitor all the switch ports. The check , in fact, provides detailed information and the respective graphs on the single ports for the inbound and outbound traffic.

Overview of the new SNMP Interface table check, integrated into NetEye

What is particularly interesting about this check is the easy and quick setup, in fact through a unique configuration you can insert all the ports that need to be controlled.

Thanks to this integration  you can navigate through detailed data on single ports and in case of downtime it is even possible to rapidly identify the related port with helpful information to restore the normal situation.

Detailed information on the single switch port

In addition, for the core switches, for example, as they should always have a static situation, any variation of status is monitored because it could be linked to some structural change and have an impact on the server or the firewall involved in ensuring that the services provided are delivered 24×7.

Some of the graphs generated from the Interface table check data

The SNMP Interface table check is available thorugh the update package neteye-plugins-interfacetable released within the latest version 3.4 of NetEye.

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