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24. 02. 2011 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring

NetEye: Qui custodiet custodes

Chi controlla i controllori?Con questo non voglio certo discutere come Giovenale sui costumi romani, ma presentare un nuovo strumento che darà maggior sicurezza all’appliance NetEye.La nuova funzionalità si occupa di tenere sotto controllo lo stato di NetEye. Qualora l’Appliance non desse più segni di vita, si attiva in automatico l’invio di SMS di emergenza per… Read More

09. 02. 2011 Juergen Vigna Development

Development: Gearman and ModGearman packages

To be able to increase performance and number of possible processed Nagios checks, NetEye introduces the use of Gearman and ModGearman to schedule Nagios Service- and Host checks. ModGearman is a new way of distributing active Nagios checks across your network. It consists of two parts: The NEB module, which resides in the Nagios core,… Read More

09. 02. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates

NetEye NetMonitor update 1.6.2

Updated the NetEye NetMonitor package to version 1.6.2: New Features: check_netmon: Added Flag for CISCO handling to parse only given VLAN tags and not all webfrontend: Added the info for Duplex Status of the single ports of a switch Fixes: check_netmon: do only try one time to read snmp values and not as it was… Read More

08. 02. 2011 Patrick Zambelli NetEye Updates

NetEye Cluster management of OTRS and syslog search

Release of neteye clustering version 1.1.3 Features: – integration of netraphandler daemon and OTRS service into cluster handling logic – Handling of cluster file unmount in case of force resource lock. Include logic to free system from locked NSCA processes of passive Nagios check results Supported NetEye Versions: 3.2

07. 02. 2011 NetEye Blog Admin Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

Linux Magazine announces Safed

Our Sylog Agent “Safed” quicked interest also at the editorial department of the Linux Magazin. As already announced on this pages, Safed is an new agent developed under GPL licence positioned primarily as OSS alternative for the Enterprise market.