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13. 02. 2012 Patrick Zambelli Nagios-Plugins

UPS Monitoring: Include of the APC MIBs

An update of the previous script for monitoring the UPS health status includes now also the APC MIB base. ( Blog article ) The monitoring features for APC include now the monitoring of the Battery capacity %, Temperature and voltage. A comparison against the settable limits in terms of input lines ( availability ) and… Read More

13. 02. 2012 Patrick Zambelli Nagios-Plugins, NetEye

Integration of SAP solution manager – CCMS

The monitoring of SAP environments requires the application of a specific strategy to access and verify key monitoring variables. SAP provides for this purpose a dedicated data interface – the CCMS interface. This is an open data-exchange interface allowing to communicate through an external source with the SAP-environment. For NetEye we have adapted the opensource… Read More