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30. 06. 2014 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, NetEye, Uncategorized

Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules

NetEye 3.5 will permit you the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. Through the implementation of an interface between the two existing modules GLPI (asset management solution within NetEye) and NeDi (network discovery) we were able to facilitate the overall asset management. This interface was realized as a standard GLPI Plugin. So… Read More

25. 06. 2014 Juergen Vigna NetEye

NetEye: Monitoring VMware vSphere performance using alarms

Monitoring a company’s virtual machines and hosts is essential to ensure high performance at all times. To monitor VMware VSphere, an appropriate benchmarking combined with alarm-based actions is required to avoid that the administrator misses the existence of possible performance issues or lack of capacity. Thanks to the well-running NetEye SNMP Trap Eventhandler, NetEye users… Read More

19. 06. 2014 Juergen Vigna NetEye, NetEye Updates

Update of neteye-plugins package to version 1.11.1

The NetEye Plugins package has been updated with this changes: – Added new plugin which can do 64bit counters – Small bugfix for check_inventory and new option to exclude items in trash from GLPI check – Added check_hpasm for checking HP SIM Agent status – Small fix to detect also outdated XML files in… Read More

19. 06. 2014 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS

Register working hours: Interface EriZone/ERP system

On one hand, service companies use ticketing systems (as OTRS, EriZone etc.) to handle customer requests in a comprehensible way, on the other hand, contracts and cost centers are managed in the company’s ERP system (as SAP, MS Dynamics AX, NAV, Infor). In such cases, one might ask where employees of the service desk should… Read More