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30. 03. 2015 Juergen Vigna Log Auditing, NetEye

[Update] Patch Released ! – LogManager (ex. SysLogView) zipping error of archived logfiles

To avoid a similar problem the next time change from winter to summer time ( i.e. CET to CEST )  a fix release has been published, backported for NetEye release 3.4. Update for NetEye 3.4 will be neteye-syslogview 2.1.9 Users of NetEye 3.5 will apply this fix together with other UI improvements and a better… Read More

20. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Uncategorized

CeBIT 2015 – Update

Today is the last day of this year’s CeBIT – it was a great time and we met a lot of interesting people. We want to thank our partners Luca Deri from ntop and Remo Rickli from NeDi for their participation and are looking forward to further collaborations.

19. 03. 2015 Nicola Degara EriZone & OTRS, Uncategorized

New version of EriZone (3.1.9)

New version of EriZone (3.1.9) is now available for the download: Feature Lists EriZone DataWarehouse: Eri_TicketAggregatedTime: New parameter to include also child tickets in the calculation New Columns: MinBeforeFirstSplit, IsChild, ParentTicketID (first parent),ParentTicketNumber (first parent) Eri_TicketAggregatedTimeonline: Same parameters as Eri_TicketAggregatedTime It extracts similar information as Eri_ TicketAggregatedTime for ticket with states: new, open,pending reminder and… Read More

18. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Uncategorized

CeBIT 2015: First impressions!

16. 03. 2015 Sandro Santinato NetEye

NetEye Reporting with new Top Flow Statistics and Top In/Out Flows

With the version 2.1 of our NetEye Reporting tool comming with NetEye 3.5 we introduced two new and very interesting features regarding the analysis of NetFlow statistics of your network. First of all, for those who are not very familiar with NetFlow, it is a functionality which allows you to capture IP network traffic of… Read More

12. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Uncategorized

CeBIT 2015: You can expect an interesting program!

Only a few more days and the CeBIT 2015 will open its doors. As already announced, also this year we will be present at the Open Source Park. Together with Luca Deri from ntop and Remo Rickli from NeDi, we’ve prepared an exciting program! On Monday, 16th we will start with an interesting speech about… Read More

10. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, ntop, Open Source System Management Conference


To further deepen the topics that will be covered during the Open Source System Management Conference, Würth Phoenix organizes four different workshops. The workshops will be held on April 15 at the Würth Phoenix Training Center to address the highlights for the network traffic analysis with ntopng, the process management with OTRS, the Event Handler and Log Management… Read More

10. 03. 2015 TobiasGoller Configuration Management, NetEye, Uncategorized

Simple SMS alerting by sending emails from third party tools to NetEye

A standard NetEye implementation uses a SMS gateway for SMS alerting. Sometimes, you need to create SMS alerts through emails deriving from other systems. For example some production machinery are just able to send email notifications in case of eventual restrictions, but you might prefer to get a SMS message. Thanks to the new EventHandler… Read More

02. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

New NetEye Release for 2015!

The newly released NetEye version 3.5 represents an important milestone for the development of the solution. In addition to responding to customer needs, NetEye continues to align itself to the new requirements of the growing monitoring complexity generated by the introduction of cloud environments, web services and virtualizations in the IT infrastructures. The new release… Read More