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31. 07. 2017 Juergen Vigna NetEye

Using Active Direcory for defining new NetEye Users

Every so often I get asked whether it is possible to integrate Active Directory Users and Groups with NetEye. Until now my answer has always been that it is possible to use AD via its LDAP functionality as an authentication backend, and that you may manually add each AD user one-by-one to NetEye. I was… Read More

10. 07. 2017 Davide Bizzarri NetEye, NetEye Updates

Update neteye-reporting-3.11.2-1 ( NetEye 3.10 )

Changelog Fixed different SLA values between SLA and SLA Year section (NEREP-190) Fixed bug where report title should have a default tag (NEREP-198)

10. 07. 2017 Davide Bizzarri NetEye, NetEye Updates

Update neteye-eventhandler-1.4.19-1 ( NetEye 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, & 3.10 )

ChangeLog: Fixed errors during neteye start (NEVHA-46)

10. 07. 2017 Davide Bizzarri NetEye, NetEye Updates

Update neteye-monarch-3.13.9-1 ( NetEye 3.9 & 3.10 )

ChangeLog: Fixed: import of BP with service/serviceinstance/host with special characters (NMONARCH-86)

10. 07. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Keeping an eye on your EriZone process tickets

Usually, during a new EriZone implementation, we are not just implementing “simple” Incident Management, but also defining processes to standardize existing procedures within the company. Investing time now in the implementation of a standardized process will pay dividends later, especially in the case of multilevel authorizations or other workflows where the ticket needs to follow… Read More

07. 07. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Importing Tickets in EriZone

Service desk systems are of great importance to most IT departments. They are used to manage not only incidents and service requests, but also for authorizations and the management of internal projects. Moreover, data obtained from an ITSM system can be used for time accounting, invoicing and cost estimates. Finally, yet importantly, tickets and their… Read More

06. 07. 2017 Matteo Baruchello NetEye

NetEye – Action Launchpad

Whether you are responsible for your company’s Network Operations Center (NOC), or you are just generally interested in the topic of infrastructure monitoring, this article will be of interest to you. We built the Action Launchpad module for NetEye to simplify the execution of remote commands (proactive actions). When resolving some anomaly you find yourself… Read More

05. 07. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Towards Self-Adaptive Service Desk Systems

If you don’t work in the field of IT service management, you might suppose that a service desk, and especially an IT service desk, is something quite standard… having similar services and a similarly structured support staff structures across all companies. However, despite having (apparently) a very similar goal and trying to follow a common… Read More