27. 10. 2020 Arianna Cunaccia Webinar

Cyber Security with ntopng and nScrub

Identify and Mitigate Attacks 

Protecting against cyber-attacks is becoming a top-priority for corporates around the world. An effective strategy for the protection against such events should focus at least on two dimensions, namely threat intelligence and perimeter defense.

Using ntopng and nscrub we demonstrate how to effectively identify and mitigate threats in corporate networks with practical recommendations, guidelines and future directions to effectively implement a protection strategy using the tools introduced.

WHEN: 10.11.2020 – 4.00 p.m. – Save the date in your calendar!

WHERE: via Microsoft Teams 

SPEAKERS: Alfredo Cardigliano and Simone Mainardi (ntopng)


Arianna Cunaccia

Arianna Cunaccia


Arianna Cunaccia

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