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27. 10. 2020 Arianna Cunaccia Webinar

Cyber Security with ntopng and nScrub

Identify and Mitigate Attacks  Protecting against cyber-attacks is becoming a top-priority for corporates around the world. An effective strategy for the protection against such events should focus at least on two dimensions, namely threat intelligence and perimeter defense. Using ntopng and nscrub we demonstrate how to effectively identify and mitigate threats in corporate networks with practical recommendations, guidelines and future directions to effectively…

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20. 06. 2019 Andrea Avancini Events, ITOA, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

InfluxDays London 2019

As did for the last year edition, our DevOps team participated at InfluxDays, a conference organized by InfluxData and focused on time series data. We were really looking at the event with excitement, for all the new features InfluxData is putting into the new InfluxDB 2.0. So, apart from grabbing a very nice t-shirt, we…

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26. 11. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye, Unified Monitoring

ntop Training

Who is using your network and how? What kind of traffic does your company generate? Where does slow network performance come from? ntop has the answers. ntop is a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. This solution provides an intuitive, encrypted web user interface for the exploration of both real-time and historical traffic information. In our…

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25. 09. 2017 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Service Management

NetEye & EriZone User Group: il programma

NetEye & EriZone User Group Sfide e opportunità per l’IT Management 4.0 Connectbay, Mantova, Giovedì 19 ottobre 11:00 – 17:00 Vi aspettiamo il 19 ottobre al NetEye & EriZone User Group. L’evento offrirà un’occasione unica a tutti i nostri clienti per scoprire le ultime novità nell’IT System & Service Management, individuare i requisiti necessari per adeguarsi al…

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27. 04. 2017 Luca Di Stefano Uncategorized

Chi si sta mangiando la banda? Scoprilo con ntopng

Chi riesce a sapere veramente quali sono i protocolli utilizzati nella rete locale? Solitamente con i netflow si può distinguere il traffico attraverso le porte L4 (80=http,443=https,..) ma non è più sufficiente. Alcune applicazioni usano invece porte dinamiche (vedi nfs, ftp, routed sap, …), altre le porte stesse, come si può allora essere in grado…

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27. 04. 2017 Luca Di Stefano Uncategorized

Identifizieren Sie Bandbreitenfresser mit ntopng

Wer von Ihnen weiß genau welche Protokolle im Unternehmensnetzwerk verwendet werden? Dank NetFlow können wir den Traffic der L4-Ports (80=http,443=https,..) unterscheiden, leider reicht das heutzutage aber nicht aus. Einige Applikationen verwenden dynamische Ports (siehe nfs, ftp, routed sap, …), andere nutzen die selben Ports, wie sollen wir diese noch voneinander unterscheiden? Erschwerend hinzu kommt, dass sich…

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27. 04. 2017 Luca Di Stefano Unified Monitoring

Find out who is eating your bandwidth with ntopng

Who really knows what are the protocols used in the local network? Usually with netflow you can distinguish traffic per l4 port (80=http,443=https,..) but this is no more sufficient. Some applications use dynamic ports (see nfs, ftp, routed sap, …), several applications use the same ports, how can we distinguish them? Applications grow and change really fast (like…

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18. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Events, NetEye, Service Management

CeBIT 2015: First impressions!

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10. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Events, NetEye, Service Management, Unified Monitoring


To further deepen the topics that will be covered during the Open Source System Management Conference, Würth Phoenix organizes four different workshops. The workshops will be held on April 15 at the Würth Phoenix Training Center to address the highlights for the network traffic analysis with ntopng, the process management with OTRS, the Event Handler and Log Management…

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16. 02. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Events

Save the Date: 7th Edition of Open Source System Management Conference

Exciting talks, extensive networking possibilities, international speakers – also in 2015 the Open Source System Management Conference comes up with an impressive program! Some highlights at a glance: ITSM-Mastermind Colin Rudd, Ami DeMartine from Forrester and Open Source visionary Jan Wildeboer from Red Hat

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06. 11. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Real User Experience

NetEye at the Open Source Conference in Milan

Georg last week presented its enhanced IT Service Management offer with NetEye at the yearly Open Source Conference in Milan. The breakout session pointed out the advantages in implementing NetEye for the Network Traffic Monitoring and focused also on Al´exa. Al’exa, which has recently been integrated in the NetEye offer simulates the end user behavior to…

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15. 03. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Save the date – 18th April 2013 – OSSM Conference

The Open Source System Management Conference 2013  will be held on April 18th in Bolzano. After the success obtained over the years, the conference aims also in 2013 to present news, updates and trends on the Open Source software by addressing IT Managers, System Administrators and developers. Particularly significant will be the presence of Al…

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06. 03. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye, Real User Experience

Actual impressions of the CeBIT

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06. 03. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

Live-Stream of our NetEye-presentation at the CeBIT

Speaker: Georg Kostner Topic: New End-User Experience approaches with NetEye Thank you for your attention. The presentation will be soon available for download. Impressions of the presentation

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04. 03. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia Events

Live-streaming from the CeBIT

On 7th March, at the CeBIT, Georg will present the latest features of the Real User Experience. For all of you who will not have the possibility to meet us at the CeBIT, the speech will be live-streamed. in case you would like to receive a reminder prior the presentation you can send an email…

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