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Live Modification

In Würth Phoenix we usually organize a workshop with the Icinga2 team twice a year. These workshops are an opportunity for all participants to show the latest developments, propose new ideas and explore new solutions. They’re always very inspiring days with an incredible flow of ideas and a lot of code written.

During this year’s spring workshop for instance, we presented our implementation of Smart Director. After some discussion and brainstorming, we started a new development initiative to integrate the Smart Director functionality into the Director module natively. Going forward, this new functionality will be called Live Modification.


The goal of Live Modification is to manage in real-time a user’s newly defined monitoring objects without having to manually deploy them. This feature especially meets the needs of those customers who need to simplify the management of large configurations.

How It Works

At object creation/update/deletion time, the changes are evaluated and queued in a pending state. The Director Daemon will then take care of applying the modifications through the Icinga 2 API using this related feature request.


The feature is currently in a state of development and thus its implementation details can change at any time. An initial issue has already been created with a pull request (PR) attached containing the first implementation draft that already supports hosts and services. In the coming weeks, we will continue to work with the goal of giving the whole community this powerful new feature.


Mattia Codato

Mattia Codato

Software Developer - IT System & Service Management Solutions at Würth Phoenix


Mattia Codato

Software Developer - IT System & Service Management Solutions at Würth Phoenix

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