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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Exciting news from the Atlassian Team ’22

Culture eats strategy for breakfast” …

Peter Drucker, the management guru, said it ages ago…and Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Atlassian, repeated it in the opening keynote at the Atlassian Team ’22 in Las Vegas (April 5th-7th).

Atlassian Team is an annual meeting about Agile & DevOps, ITSM, culture, and work management, where the new hot topics (and new hot products 😉 ) are presented….

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” … but what does it mean exactly?

In such a fast-changing environment, culture is the only differentiator determining a company’s success or failure. Culture is how a business is conducted and how you get things done, and this is different and unique in every business and every team.

Different teams have distinctive ways and use different tools to accomplish their work.

…and things get even more complicated when teams get bigger and bigger, more teams are coming in, or when employees are located in different places with different time zones… and work virtually together…

So how can you provide them autonomy and, at the same time, allow everyone to be on the same page? How can you ensure a team works at a startup speed but as an enterprise?

These certainly represent some of the challenges Atlassian tries to solve through its tools, which is why they are becoming more important than ever…

… and with the announcement of some new integrations to make work life easier, Atlassian has even dropped a bomb… actually two! Atlas & Compass.

  • Atlas allows teams to share tweet-sized updates, to know what, why, who, and how one works. It’s the solution to pointless meetings, to staying updated on everyone’s projects. You can even add emojis and respond to someone else’s status… cool stuff, isn’t it?
  • Compass is a new product for software teams, helping customize the whole developer experience and improve collaboration in the cloud era. Obviously, you can benefit from a series of integrations to have everything you need in one place.

This was just a summary of what the event was like, but I highly recommend you watch it on their LinkedIn page…(opening speech)

What can I say? In past years, we’ve heard probably a thousand times that remote working will be the future of work…. But it’s still true, isn’t it? Companies cannot afford to miss their shot in such a competitive environment, and need to stay up to date and deliver fast. This is only possible with a great team and with the right tools and conditions to work at high velocity.

(….and what is even more important is having expert consultants 🙋  helping you to find the appropriate processes for your business and get the most out of them).

I can’t help you find the right people, but I might have some ideas about the right tools and best-fitting processes… 😎

That’s everything from my side. I’ll bother you next time with another topic 😏

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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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