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30. 06. 2020 Gabriele Cecco NetEye, Service Management

Open a Ticket in Jira Service Desk Directly from NetEye 4? Piece of Cake!

Have you ever wanted to open a ticket in Jira Service Desk when NetEye 4 highlights a problem? Here’s a recipe for connecting NetEye 4 to Jira Service Desk Cloud.
Preparation Time:   About 20 minutes
Difficulty:   Easy
Ingredients   …

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17. 01. 2017 MarinovMihail Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 3.6 has been released!

Enhancements Filtered ticket-view for service owner, manager and service watcher: service owners can see only tickets opened of services on which they have the owner role. Restricted company-ticket-view to available services: customer can see only tickets relative to services they were enabled to. [more details here] Filter services shown to agents: realize multi-tenancy based on services….

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12. 01. 2017 Mirko Morandini Service Management

Efficient management of support requests and authorizations by using child tickets

In EriZone, processes that require the involvement of multiple responsible persons and different competence centers are often implemented by using the concept of child ticket. Child tickets are independent tickets that are created from and linked to their so-called parent tickets. Depending on the specific use case, it is possible to copy data and properties…

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30. 11. 2015 Nicola Degara Service Management

BPM and ITIL for a Continual Improvement

The Creation of a Service Portfolio During the Service Strategy in ITIL, before starting with the redaction of a Service Portfolio it is important to obtain a wider overview of the Company Services that are recognized by the Business independently on their state of implementation: No longer offered: where do we come from? Currently active and…

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08. 05. 2014 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Service Management

NetEye and EriZone at the Open Source Conference in Padua

Yesterday we took part in the Open Source Conference held in Padua. Andrea, during his speech, outlined the strengths of an Open Source strategy for the IT services management through the adoption of NetEye and EriZone. The IT System & Service Management solutions presented during the event represent a real opportunity for the evolution of…

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12. 03. 2014 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Real User Experience, Service Management

Open Source System Management: the workshops

Would you like to understand the potential of the ITIL processes implemented with EriZone/OTRS ? Or do you want to deepen your knowledge in the End User Experience monitoring? Or are you curious to know what will be the future development of Nagios as an open project ? On April 11th, at the Würth Phoenix…

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24. 01. 2014 NetEye Blog Admin Service Management

“Enterprise Request Information” The launch of the new IT Service Management suite EriZone

With EriZone we are proud to present you our new IT Service Management offer based on OTRS, the leading Open Source Help Desk and Ticketing solution. EriZone develops and manages IT service processes following the best practices provided by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Cost optimization, the focus on critical business processes and on customers’ requirements are forming…

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28. 11. 2012 Oreste Attanasio Service Management

OTRS 3.2 beta

The OTRS AG group released a new beta version of OTRS 3.2. We will try out and review the new beta version very soon; for now, we will briefly introduce the main functionalities  offered by this new major update, whose final release is planned for the end of January.Customer Information Center In order to improve the…

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02. 03. 2010 Andrea di Lernia Events, NetEye

Primo NetEye User Group

A grande richiesta degli utenti NetEye la settimana scorsa si è tenuto finalmente il primo NetEye User Group con l’ obiettivo di scambiarsi conoscenze, esperienze pratiche ed esempi concreti nell´applicazione della soluzione. Durante la prima fase dell´incontro è stata presentata la roadmap attuale e la release di Neteye 3.2.  Grande riscontro da parte dei partecipanti…

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