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After two years of online events, we finally made it to organize a live event in Germany! And it was a huge success!

The Usergroup is not only a chance to inform our customers about new products and releases, but also an occasion to meet and exchange feedback and ideas. This year’s NetEye Usergroup took place in Nuremberg in a special part of the Deutsches Museum dedicated to the future.

The day started with a welcome from our Claus Huber, CEO at Gravitate, our German partners.

We then moved to our first presentation of the day about Hybrid Work. Benno Grams from Citrix has more than 30 years of experience in IT, sales, and management and introduced this day with the topic of hybrid working. He answered the questions: “what is hybrid work?”, “when did it all start?” and “what will be the future of work?”.

…. I’m curious now… what is YOUR opinion on hybrid work? Let us know😊

Georg Kostner, NetEye Business Unit Manager of Wuerth Phoenix, then continued with a presentation about all NetEye news, with a focus on Cyber Security, the central theme of this Usergroup. We will release NetEye 4.26 soon and we are now offering SOC (Security Operation Center) services… but if you want to learn more, you should have a look at the presentation!

The day continued with our customers’ speeches.

The first was Tobias Kierndorfer, team leader at PERI. Peri is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems and a leading 3D construction printing supplier. Tobias concentrated on end-to-end monitoring.

Our second guest was Reiner Winter from N-Ergie, which uses our NetEye solutions. Check the presentation to know more about the project.

The morning concluded with Thomas Edelmann and Marcus Heinrich from Agilimo, who addressed the topic of digitalization and the challenges businesses face, and they explained why NetEye is ideal for meeting these challenges.

Dimitri Janzen from Elastic introduced the afternoon with a presentation about elastic security. Elastic is our partner and for us was of great importance to have Dimitri represent the company, since Elastic is a huge part of our solutions.

Guenther Aigle from Aigle Computing then concluded the day with a presentation about Cyber Threat Intelligence in the context of cyber security for companies.

The day finished with a feedback session. This is an important part of the Usergroup, since it is our chance to see what our customers think about our services and identify what we can improve.

These were some of the answers…. (we are quite proud now!)

  • professionality
  • open, honest, transparent and genuine partnership
  • innovation
  • direct, personal contact
  • friendly support
  • consulting

Thanks to all participants for making this event great!

See you next year!

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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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