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03. 12. 2015 MarinovMihail Log Management, NetEye

Trace Windows Administrators Login Activities with Safed

Sometimes it is required to trace login/logoff activities of the administrator in order to be compliant with legal guidelines or simply for security reasons (see also our article “What to do with all those logs“). The Safed agent for Windows can be easily configured to collect administrator’s login/logoff. The agent is deployed with some administrator discovery commands,…

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06. 12. 2013 MarinovMihail Log Management, NetEye

Windows process tracking with Safed

As well known, the Safed agent for Windows can collect events from the event log, filters them and forward the matched records to a centralized syslog server. There are some preconfigured set of events concerning basic activities that have to be tracked. The first one, and probably the most famous due to existing law conformity…

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03. 01. 2011 Patrick Zambelli Log Management

Log flow integration of multiple IP sources

This new feature has been introduced for the auditing of Cluster installations and hosts with multiple IP addresses. The concept behind the aggregation of flows from different sources resides on the integration of log flows from load balanced hosts or hosts in failover configuration within a single host definition. This allows also the registration of…

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22. 10. 2010 Patrick Zambelli Log Management

Monitoring the status of the SAFED agent

This article will highlight quickly an approach for the monitoring of your syslog agent in terms of availability and reactiveness. SyslogView OS agent check defintions The NetEye SyslogView server includes a  check logic for the monitoring of the syslog agent on the remote server. The monitoring techniques cover the strategy to launch a Nagios interpretable…

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22. 04. 2010 Andrea di Lernia Log Management

Provvedimento del garante e log dei Firewall Checkpoint

Come sapete il provvedimento del garante richiede di monitorare gli accessi ai sistemi informatici, tra questi uno dei piu’ critici e’ sicuramente il vostro firewall, come fare a monitorare gli accessi in presenza di un firewall Checkpoint ? Vediamolo insieme: In questo caso abbiamo un cluster di firewall Checkpoint basati su Sistema operativo IPSO che…

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17. 11. 2009 Arianna Cunaccia Log Management, NetEye

NetEye Log Auditing

Sembra che non ci saranno proroghe per il provvedimento del Garante della Privacy per l’archiviazione dei log degli accessi degli amministratori. Entrerà ufficialmente in vigore il 15 dicembre 2009. Come già discusso abbondantemente anche su questi posts, NetEye offre una possibile soluzione per ottemperare il provvedimanto. Qualora foste interessati ad avere più dettagli potete guardare…

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