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16. 02. 2023 Giovanni Davide Saccá Unified Monitoring

NagVis Module: How to Create a Regular Map

NagVis is a visualization add-on for NetEye, and can be used to show NetEye monitoring data, over for example, a Network Schema as the use case below will show you. Thanks to NagVis, you can import a previously created network schema into NetEye, and overlay network objects that have previously been monitored by NetEye. Let’s…

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23. 12. 2020 Stefano Bruno NetEye, Unified Monitoring

The NagVis module: Adding a Grafana Panel on Mouse-over

Hi everyone, in this article I want to tell you about the NagVis module and how we’re going to customize a template so that it can allow us to modify the information displayed during mouse-over (hover). Basically, what we’ll try to achieve will be to preview the performance graphs written on Influx via an additional…

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07. 03. 2019 Patrick Zambelli Unified Monitoring

Monitoring Maps to Support Your IT Incident Management

Integration of NagVis monitoring maps into the monitoring details view of NetEye 3 with Thruk

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27. 11. 2014 Thomas Forrer NetEye

NagMap: New Features

To increase the usability within NagMap, we’ve implemented two new features for the new version 3.5 of NetEye. Adding a new host directly on the map In order to map a host in NagMap, until now you had to discover the coordinates of your host and subsequently insert them in Monarch. The new feature allows…

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30. 03. 2012 Georg Kostner Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

NetEye version 3.3 has been released

The new version of WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye has been released. Among the various newly introduced modules, one of the most significant features is Real User Monitoring. The Real User Monitoring is an innovative approach that checks the availability, reliability and response time of the services from the end user perspective allowing to discover if the cause of…

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30. 09. 2011 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye

WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye …anytime … anywhere…

To reach NetEye anytime and everywhere we developed a new App for the most common smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile). It is possible for you to access all information contained in NetEye as the host/service/business process status navigating to the performance graphs, NagVis, Google Map or the documentation in Wiki. Finally,…

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06. 08. 2009 Georg Kostner NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Lanciato NagVis Exchange

Con NagVis 1.4 é stato introdotto il concetto dei Gadgets. Gadgets sono script php dinamici in grado di leggere i dati di performance dei servizi e host objects in Nagios. I Gadgets permettono la creazione di grafici e charts dinamici sullo stato e performance dei servizi e hosts configurati in Nagios. Con questa nuova funzione…

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21. 07. 2009 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Presentazione di soluzioni firewall e monitoraggio IT a Torino

Giovedì 16.07.2009, dopo 5 ore di viaggio siamo arrivati a Scarmagno (TO), dove eravamo stati invitati ad un evento, organizzato da un nostro partner locale MCS. Durante la mattina si è parlato delle soluzioni di sicurezza della rete offerte da Axel firewall. La sessione pomeridiana ha avuto inizio con una connessione in remoto a NetEye…

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