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13. 06. 2022 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NeDi:  Troubleshooting NeDi Discovery and Configuration File Backup

A customer with a NetEye installation to which I had added the NeDi module asked me if I could integrate the saved configuration files of “discovered” network devices with NeDi. NeDi, for those who are not yet familiar with it, is a Network Discovery tool based on many different network protocols. The first action NeDi…

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31. 12. 2021 Marco Ettocarpi Unified Monitoring

Network Maps with NeDi and

In this article I’ll show you how to use information from NeDi to build network maps using Getting Data from NeDi NeDi is an open source software tool which discovers, maps and inventories your network devices and tracks connected end nodes. In the NeDI database there are three tables that provide the data needed…

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27. 06. 2019 Giuseppe Di Garbo Business Service Monitoring, NetEye

Network Performance Monitoring Automation with NetEye 4

Automating the monitoring process in Enterprise environments is a challenge that led Icinga to create features such as their REST API and the Icinga Director module. In both new NetEye4 projects and those being migrated from NetEye3 to NetEye4, this challenge is one of the aspects that I highlight the most and is certainly one…

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28. 03. 2017 NetEye Blog Admin Anomaly Detection, Events, NetEye, Service Management

Review: NetEye & EriZone User Group 2017 in Nürnberg

On the 23rd of this month, the NetEye and EriZone User Group in its German version took place on in the historic tramway depot “St. Peter” in Nuremberg. The event has been hosted by NetEye customer N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft. Participants had the opportunity to exchange information and experiences with other customers and got insights to the latest…

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15. 01. 2016 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Automating Switch Deployment

There are a number of solutions promising simple switch provisioning. However, in reality a tool is either complicated, unreliable or even both… Of course, the device can be configured prior physical installation, but this can get complicated in an enterprise network with many remote sites. Even more so, if a contractor without network skills is…

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21. 08. 2015 Tobias Goller Asset Management

Easy Switch Configuration Backup with NeDi

The network discovery tool NeDi does not only work as discovery tool for network devices like switches, routers and VOIP phones, it is also an excellent backup manager for switches.

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12. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Events, NetEye, Service Management

CeBIT 2015: You can expect an interesting program!

Only a few more days and the CeBIT 2015 will open its doors. As already announced, also this year we will be present at the Open Source Park. Together with Luca Deri from ntop and Remo Rickli from NeDi, we’ve prepared an exciting program! On Monday, 16th we will start with an interesting speech about…

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30. 06. 2014 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, NetEye

Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules

NetEye 3.5 will permit you the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. Through the implementation of an interface between the two existing modules GLPI (asset management solution within NetEye) and NeDi (network discovery) we were able to facilitate the overall asset management. This interface was realized as a standard GLPI Plugin. So…

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12. 11. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated neteye-nedi package version

The NetEye NeDi package has been updated with this changes: – Added patch for ssh-keyscan multiple algorithm scan – Added patch for finding nedi log files in /var/log/neteye/nedi instead of /tmp – Updated to upstream version 1.0.8-116

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11. 06. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated neteye-nedi package 1.0.8-p2

The NetEye NeDi packages has been updated with this fix: – Fix to run as nedi from web

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17. 05. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated package neteye-nedi-1.0.8p1-2

A small bugfix/feature release has been released with this changes: – A username now can contain also chars .-_ – Added integration for managing NeDi users over neteye-configtool

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15. 04. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Updated nedi package 1.0.7p3-1

This has been done: – Added some more sysobj files – Small bugfix for nedi rc script

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15. 03. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Save the date – 18th April 2013 – OSSM Conference

The Open Source System Management Conference 2013  will be held on April 18th in Bolzano. After the success obtained over the years, the conference aims also in 2013 to present news, updates and trends on the Open Source software by addressing IT Managers, System Administrators and developers. Particularly significant will be the presence of Al…

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04. 12. 2012 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Update NetEye NeDi package (neteye-nedi-1.0.7p2)

Another NetEye NeDi package update this fixes have been applied: – Fixed logfile path (received from Marco Pamio and Paolo Vicario University of Udine Italy) – Fixed RC script to not fail on start if crontab exists

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20. 11. 2012 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Update NetEye NeDi package

The NetEye NeDi packages have been updated this fixes have been applied: – Added dependecy for perl-IO-Tty otherwise ssh does not work – Fixed permissions of sysobj directory Update to this release if you had problems to connect to devices in SSH protocol.

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