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EriZone 5.9 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Service Management solution EriZone version 5.9.

Product: EriZone
Release Number: 5.9
Release Date: January 7, 2021
Release Type: Minor
Previous Release: 5.8

These release notes for EriZone 5.9 describe changes and improvements, and provide information on how to upgrade.


  • Upgrade of OTRS to 5.0.42 including security updates and improved translations.
  • Postmaster filter AttachmentsToXField.pm: puts the filenames of the attachments into the field X-OTRS-Attachments, to be parsed by other Postmaster filters.
  • TransitionAction “CreateCI” to create a ConfigItem from a process, and link it to the actual ticket. Many more TransitionActions for your processes are available or can be implemented on request!
  • Event NotifyCloseStateToParent: 1) fix to also work with recurrent tickets, no propagation of state changes for recurrent tickets, 2) sets the current user as the article creator to facilitate responses.
  • JIRA Issue creation: EriZone customer data can now be added as special parameters in the mapping, and stored in custom fields for new Jira issues.
  • Function ArticleBodyToActivityDialog to copy article content into a process dialog, including the correct escaping of backslashes in the copied body.
  • NetEye4/Icinga dashboard EriZoneNetEye4Problems: Small enhancement.
  • Frequent debug log entry “Category… No user found or root used” removed.
  • PostmasterOOOState: Added missing XML configuration.
  • MassiveLDAPSyncPaging.pm: Improved error logging on LDAP connection issues.
  • Event SetParentStateFromDF: Now triggered only by a change in the specific dynamic field, rather than at every change (performance).

Preparations you need to make before upgrading from EriZone 5.* to EriZone 5.9:

  1. Take a snapshot of the current Virtual Machine.
  2. Activate the modified EriZone repository with the following parameters in Admin>>SysConfig
    • Package::RepositoryRoot: repo.wuerth-phoenix.com/erizone/erizone-5.9/repository.xml
    • Package::RepositoryList:
      KEY: http://repo.wuerth-phoenix.com/erizone/erizone-5.9/packages/
      VALUE: erizone-5.9 packages

Upgrade Steps

1. Upgrade the OTRS Framework to version 5.0.42. It is important to use the adapted RPMs available on the official EriZone repository (as for the EriZone OPM packages, your system needs to be authorized to access these files).

CentOS7 Update Procedure:

yum update https://repo.wuerth-phoenix.com/erizone/erizone-5.9/otrs-5.0.42-02-wpc7.noarch.rpm

CentOS6 (version 6 is now at End-of-Life, please consider migrating to CentOS7, see https://www.neteye-blog.com/2020/09/erizone-centos-6-eol-plan-your-migration-to-centos-7-now/ for details!):

yum update https://repo.wuerth-phoenix.com/erizone/erizone-5.9/otrs-5.0.42-02-wpc6.noarch.rpm

2. Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence:

  1. ITSM
  2. Update FAQ, Survey and all installed OTRS* packages
  3. EriZone
  4. EriZone Core
  5. EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement
  6. Update all remaining EriZone packages
  7. EriZoneTheme

Please follow these rules during the upgrade/install procedure:

  • Contact our support team if you do not feel comfortable with any of these operations: net.support@wuerth-phoenix.com or https://erizone.wuerth-phoenix.com
  • The packages must be installed in sequence and individually
  • The time needed by the system may vary for each action/package, so please be patient
  • The action buttons must be clicked only once

ATTENTION! After the upgrade has been completed, execute the following actions from the command line:

Mirko Morandini

Mirko Morandini

Mirko Morandini, PhD, is part of the EriZone team since 2015. As a consultant, he guided the implementation of EriZone in various projects in the DACH area and in Italy.


Mirko Morandini

Mirko Morandini, PhD, is part of the EriZone team since 2015. As a consultant, he guided the implementation of EriZone in various projects in the DACH area and in Italy.

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