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Atlassian Bi-Monthly News 🎉 ~ March Edition

Welcome, everyone to our first “Monthly Atlassian News”!

Why are we doing this?

You might know that the Atlassian website is so complete, that finding information can be a big challenge😵 So… we decided to do the dirty work for you and summarize all the latest features and news from the Atlassian ecosystem every two months (you’re welcome😂).

So grab a coffee ☕️, and get ready for this 👇🏻

We have a lot of explosive news 💥 just for you!


  1. Data Residency in Germany. In November 2022 Atlassian launched Data Residency in Germany and is planning to expand to new countries in the future! (Source: click here)
  2. Jira Work Management licenses will now be included in new and existing Jira Software licenses for free (limits: this is only valid until March 2024 and for up to 35,000 users; source: click here). Important: even if your Jira license will last until, let’s say, June 2024, JWM won’t be available after March 2024 (you need to purchase the license after March).
  3. Atlassian Together: Atlassian announced the possibility to have different tools in just one license: Trello, Jira Work Management, Confluence, Atlas and Access. For now this is available just for enterprise licenses (Source: click here)


(Source: click here)

  • Zoom for Incident Management. You can now connect Zoom to JSM so you can quickly make a call when an incident occurs.
  • Publish incident notifications to AWS Simple Notification Systems (SNS). You can now automatically publish messages from JSM to AWS SNS to keep stakeholders updated on the incident status.
  • Auto-assign issues to the on-call engineer using on-call schedules – that are already configured in Opsgenie.
  • Labels, Affected Services, and Assets objects are now available in forms. Objects, services and labels can now be tracked.
  • Risk Questionnaire Templates for Change Management. There are new Templates available to record critical change requests (Project Settings > Change Management. Click “Create form” to add a risk assessment questionnaire to your project)


(Source: click here)

  • Shared release dates. You can now better coordinate with developer teams by adding their release dates from Jira Software to your Jira Work Management.
  • Faster sharing to Slack. You can now share your project from Jira Work Management to Slack (without copy & paste).


  • “You’re not using Confluence the right way” (part 1 & part 2)


  • Team ’23 Las Vegas: this is a 3-day event held in Las Vegas, an occasion to meet passionate Atlassians and hear their news. You can’t be there? No worries, you can follow it online for free (link here).

That’s all from my side, see you in two months! 😎


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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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