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Atlassian News ~ May Edition

Welcome, everyone to our second “Monthly Atlassian News”!

Why are we doing this?

You might know that the Atlassian website is so complete, that finding information can be a big challenge😵 So… we decided to do the dirty work for you and summarize all the latest features and news from the Atlassian ecosystem every two months (you’re welcome😂).

So grab a coffee ☕️, and get ready for this 👇🏻

We have a lot of explosive news 💥 just for you!


  1. Atlassian Analytics is now available in Enterprise editions of Atlassian’s cloud products. Analytics allows you to visualize data across all Atlassian products. More info here.
  2. Atlassian is investing in equipping teams with tools and practices to succeed, introducing “Ways of Working” and offering step-by-step guides to tackle the most common challenges that teams face. The Team Playbook addresses a variety of use cases.. More info here.


  1. Security reports: if you’re worried about security, Atlassian has published an article explaining their security practices. At the bottom of the page you can find all reports identifying security vulnerabilities.
  2. Privacy & Security tab: you can now find a privacy & security tab for each app in the marketplace, so you can see the security posture and data access policies of every app.

You can find all security updates here.

1. Customer context: with Premium and Enterprise plans, you can now see dedicated profile pages for customers and organizations. This means you can have detail fields and see current and previous requests.

2. Canned responses: all cloud users will be able to craft answers to common requests, save them, and share them with the team. This will allow for faster responses to customers using pre-defined responses.

3. Hiding projects on the help Center: until now, all projects were visible on the Help center, but now you can hide/unhide them.

4. New templates: Atlassian has made available templates for finance, analytics and marketing in the past months, and now added new ones for design and sales teams.

You can find all JSM updates here.


Confluence turns 20 years old this year! To celebrate its birthday, there are new features (some already released, some coming soon):

  1. External collaboration capabilities: it is now possible to add guests to a Confluence space in a view-only mode through a public link. Moreover, it is possible to comment in browser windows as if it were a Confluence page by using a Chrome extension.
  2. Confluence automation: they announced it last December, but it should now be present on all Cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

You can find all confluence updates here.


  1. Data import: you can import data uploading a CSV file and map all fields or from other tools.
  2. Overview: you can manage tasks across different business projects, combining Jira Work Management and Jira Software Premium. The aim is to bring work together, keep track and have a clear view on due dates (including the calendar and a timeline).
  3. Shortcuts: to avoid continuously switching tabs, you can now create shortcuts for your most used resources.



  1. Atlassian Intelligence: AI will be built into the Atlassian platform. This is one of the biggest announcements they made this year… Some of the features include: a virtual teammate in Jira Service Management that automates support workflows to save time and money and the ability to generate content in Confluence.
  2. Whiteboards: you will find whiteboards in Confluence, so you can brainstorm all your ideas using sticky notes, shapes and a pen and visualize all your work.

Here you can find the updated list with all future features: roadmap.

That’s all from my side, see you in two months! 😎


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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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