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13. 12. 2020 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Monitor Your Project Budget in Jira

Are you managing your projects in Jira and want to control their expenses? HawkBudget could be the application for you, and its 30-day trial is free. Thanks to HawkBudget you can enter a budget target for your project and keep costs related to hours worked and expenses under control. Let’s start! If you’ve never downloaded…

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12. 12. 2020 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Roadmaps in Jira Software

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to manage issues and projects with Roadmap technology? Jira Software might be right for you, and the interesting thing is that you can try it out for free! In this article I’ll explain how. Choose the combination of Atlassian products that you think will help you…

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21. 12. 2018 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Facilities? Make Them Organized!

Speed is not enough Japan, Chiba Prefecture:  A blue van with a mustachioed little man on board speeds quickly through the area of the Makuhari Messe I.C. Complex. From a distance, the clerk at the gate, even though already warned via Telegram about the urgency, recognizes him immediately: a bit from the screech of the…

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30. 11. 2016 MarinovMihail Service Management

Preview EriZone 3.6: Budget Management Enhancements

EriZone 3.6, which will be released at the end of this year, comes up with some enhancement concerning the budget management module.

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05. 08. 2016 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Process Automation with EriZone

As an EriZone consultant I stand at our customers’ side during phases of process changes. Mostly, it is not to change the fundamentals of the workflows, since the companies usually have them already clearly defined and well described in many documents. The challenge is to translate the processes by using a tool that allows to…

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09. 10. 2015 Martin Fischer Service Management

Is a CMDB a Deciding Factor For Service-Oriented Companies?

To keep it short, I could simply answer this question with “Yes”. Regularly, one of the central requirements of service management projects is the introduction/integration of a CMDB. From my experiences gained from customer projects, I can just confirm this. What does this mean in terms of practical application? In this first article, I would…

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06. 07. 2015 Nicola Degara Events, Service Management

How to approach an ITSM EriZone implementation

For those of you who do not know, WÜRTHPHOENIX EriZone is an open source IT Service Management solution based on OTRS. It allows to efficiently and effectively manage all the internal and external incidents and service requests as well as to improve the delivery of the IT services, by increasing the customer satisfaction. WÜRTHPHOENIX EriZone…

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29. 05. 2015 Nicola Degara Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 3.3.1 has been released!

Major Enhancements Access Management New possibility to start a new process (process management) from the single Access Management Activity automatically. Example: New Salesman hiring request New laptop (Purchase process <<<) New ERP account (Sales Manager approval <<<) New Phone New iPad Native possibility for EriZone for Single Sign-On Kerberos on Active Directory. New Ticket2Process admin…

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29. 05. 2015 Nicola Degara Downloads / Release Notes

Nuovo rilascio di EriZone 3.3.1

Major Enhancement Process Management  Possibilità di innescare un nuovo processo (Process Management) automaticamente dalle singole attività dall’Access Management: Es. Richiesta di assunzione nuovo commerciale Nuovo Laptop (Processo di acquisto <<<) Nuove credenziali per sistema gestionale (Processo di approvazione del direttore vendite <<<) Nuovo smartphone Nuovo iPad Predisposizione all’autenticazione Kerberos per il single sign-on su Active…

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05. 02. 2015 Georg Kostner Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

New Version of EriZone (3.1.7)

New version of EriZone (3.1.7) is now available for the download: The new version contains the following enhancements:

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04. 02. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin Events, NetEye, Real User Experience, Service Management

Würth Phoenix also at this year’s CeBIT

At this year’s CeBIT, which takes place from 16th to 20th March in Hannover, everything revolves around Open Source IT-System Management. The focus lies on the latest release of NetEye that offers numerous improvements and innovations.

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