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18. 08. 2020 Thomas Forrer Bug Fixes, NetEye

NetEye 4 – Security Advisory

Synopsis Critical: Icinga Web 2 security update Type/Severity Security Advisory: Critical Topic An update for Icinga Web 2 is now available for NetEye 4.12 and 4.13. NetEye Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Critical. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives a detailed severity rating, is…

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22. 07. 2020 Juergen Vigna NetEye

Updating NetEye 4 Using ‘neteye upgrade’ with a Proxy

In NetEye 4.11 the neteye upgrade command was introduced and has to be used when updating to the next release. Now, everything is all well and good if you have direct access to the Internet from your NetEye 4 server, but if you have to use a proxy to update your servers then the procedure…

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07. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 5.3 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.3.7.opm Typo errors EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.3.7.opm Radius authentication characters accepted (EZ-743) Put ‘|’ as a separator for multi values in and (EZ-744) EriZoneTheme-5.3.7.opm Error text messages not readable under Ticket Notification Management (WD-546) Wrong width for Date field on customer interface (WD-551) Customer FAQ box bad style (WD-547) CustomerPanelCreateAccount not working (WD-549) Customer-side To field…

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20. 04. 2015 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, NetEye

GLPI Plugin UPDATE: Automatic Recognition of network devices and their modules

There are some important new features available regarding the GLPI Plugin about which I wrote in my earlier article Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules. As described in that post, the GLPI Plugin, which is available since version 3.5 of NetEye, permits the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. The plugin…

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05. 02. 2015 Georg Kostner Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

New Version of EriZone (3.1.7)

New version of EriZone (3.1.7) is now available for the download: The new version contains the following enhancements:

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23. 07. 2014 Nicola Degara Asset Management, Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

New Version of EriZone Access Management is Available

A new hotfix for the EriZone Access Management package is available for immediate download. Major issues have been resolved: therefore we suggest the upgrade for all the EriZone 3 systems The upgrade procedure is described in this post.

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22. 07. 2014 Nicola Degara Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

New: WÜRTHPHOENIX EriZone 3 Upgrade is Available

A new upgrade for WÜRTHPHOENIX EriZone 3 is out now! The upgrade is compatible only for WÜRTHPHOENIX EriZone 3.0.x

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23. 04. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Update neteye-cacti-0.8.7i-5 package

A small fix has been added to the neteye-cacti package: – Activate logging in cacti – Add a logrotate file for it

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15. 04. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Update package neteye-cacti 0.8.7i-4

A small bugfix release for neteye-cacti is available fixing the problem to open the sidebar instead of cacti on the first click on the menu entry.

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25. 01. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Update neteye-nagmap version 0.9.4

– Small fix to remove the Call Home function in the original code

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11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes


Updated NetEye MessageConsole Package: – Do not recreate ID nagios file if already existent – Add logrotate file – Add sudoers entry

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11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes


Updated NetEye NagVis package – Updated to last fix release – Minor rpm upgrade fixes

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11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes


Updated webmin packages: – Minor installation fixes – Added dependency to perl(Net::LDAP)

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