neteye-monarch 3.0.9

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Update that fixes an error when creating an escalation definition while having a “first notification delay”setting.

Update of the default monarch sql database dump: integration of service profile for neteye services and safed checks. Update of general settings within the host- and service template. Some updates in the default Nagios general settings.

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Nagios World Conference Europe™: NS Client++

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Also this year Michael Medin, member of the Nagios Community, will participate in the Nagios World Conference Europe™, introducing the new features of the NSClient++ version 0.3.9 and 0.4.X. Michael, is an open source developer and has written the NSClient++ for monitoring Windows based servers from Nagios. He works as consultant doing integration work on Java/Oracle and in his spare time he loves riding his mountain bike along some rocky single track in the Swedish countryside.

You can register online for Nagios World Conference Europe™ by clicking here

You can get more detailed information about NSClient by clicking on the following link

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Neteye SyslogView 1.7

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Changelog 1.7.6
– Signature check module: Parse of signature creation date fix. Adaptation to month string case leading to misinterpretation of signature creation date
– Update of included database dump to vers. 1.7.6
Changelog 1.7.5
– restartSafed(): Get method header bux fix
– fix:log recovery tolerance setting included also for logCheck section
– fix: db alters of statistics tables

Changelog 1.7.4
– Syslog Log integrity check: updates and implementation example in documentation for:
+ Integrity check
+ The log recovery process with recovery result check
– : warning of grant check piped correctly to dev/null- Eventlog Template Server 2008: Duplicate ID definition in Logon/Logoff correction

Changelog 1.7.3
– specific password encryption logic for safed linux and unix/solaris/aix

Changelog 1.7.2
– fix: duplicate logfile indexing section in
– fix: duplicate eventlog objective. Adaptation to the introduction of priority levels
– SAFED agent check: introduce flexible logic to check modified agent port setting

Changelog 1.7.1
– crontab with check for cluster node, fix in

Changelog 1.7.0
– Support to collect virtual or additional IP address sources within a single host
– Statistics: Aggregation of log information in case of hostname or DNS changes. Aggregation for IP and/or host name
– harmonize log paths: syslogview, statistics, search log into /var/log/neteye/nesyslogview/
– Host description in view and editable
– discover IP on “clone host”
– Priority sequence of EventID objects and LogFile filters within SAFED configuration
– Support to create SAFED templates for Solaris, Unix and Aix

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