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27. 03. 2018 Susanne Greiner Anomaly Detection, ITOA, NetEye, Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Multi-Level Dashboarding with Grafana – Use Case: NetEye ITOA | Alyvix

Data collection is one of the key steps when you want to analyze the current state of your network, system or application in terms of performance.  Data visualization is another:  even the most sophisticated data collection cannot help you solve problems if it is visualized poorly. Nowadays a single visualization is often not enough since…

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26. 03. 2018 Benjamin Gröber ITOA, NetEye

Using NATS (Streaming) as a Backbone for Flexible Microservice Architectures

Last week I was happy to hear that NATS had been adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, following the example of other popular projects such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, gRPC, and many more. NATS is a powerful, scalable, asynchronous “pub-sub” message broker written in Go. It provides a simple protocol that allows us to build…

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23. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 5.3 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.3.8.opm Errors in log due to UserAgentDoNotShowBrowserLinkMessage setting (EZ-748) EriZoneTheme-5.3.8.opm CMDB Dynamic Fields are emptied when attachment is added / removed on customer interface (EZ-749) EriZoneActivityManagement-5.3.1.opm Set dynamic fields before the process is set – satisfy transition action conditions Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the…

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21. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail Service Management

Process Activity Dialog Links for Common Ticket Actions

OTRS and EriZone are widely used as trouble ticketing systems. They have a rich set of standard common ticket actions used for ticket management. Some common actions are used for ticket classification – “Priority and Services”, “Additional ITSM Fields”, “Queue” – others for role assignment – “Owner”, “Customer” – still others for communication – “Note”,…

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19. 03. 2018 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

WMI-based Microsoft Server Monitoring

Configuring Microsoft Servers: Authentication and Permissions Settings In this blog I will provide you a how-to for configuring agentless monitoring for Microsoft Servers or Workstations via WMI. What is WMI?  Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is Microsoft’s implementation of an industry-standard approach to accessing management information in an enterprise environment.  WMI uses the industry-standard Common Information…

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15. 03. 2018 Giuseppe Di Garbo Service Management

EriZone for the Optimization of IT and HR Communication

How important is the communication between IT and HR departments? One of the most complex situations I have to face during consultancy with our customers is the communication between the IT and the HR department. HR personnel have to manage information on new hires, resignations, reassignment and internal travel on a daily basis. Each of…

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15. 03. 2018 Alessandro Romboli NetEye, Service Management

Microsoft ADFS service and Non-Claims-Aware applications

Microsoft ADFS service is widely used for integrating Web Applications with Microsoft Active Directory. Since Windows Server 2012 R2, it can also integrate Non-Claims-Aware applications. This configuration is very interesting because ADFS can still be the single point of user authentication, and the whole configuration is much easier as a Claims one. Architecture The whole…

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13. 03. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia APM, Asset Management, ITOA, Log Management, NetEye, Service Management

Out Now – The New NetEye & EriZone Training Program

Ready to take your IT process skills beyond the traditional?  Our new training offerings will help you acquire, maintain and improve your knowledge and skills around our solutions.  This year’s training program contains courses for NetEye, EriZone or Alyvix customers and partners, each lasting between 2 and 4 working days. The main focus will be…

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07. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 5.3 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.3.7.opm Typo errors EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.3.7.opm Radius authentication characters accepted (EZ-743) Put ‘|’ as a separator for multi values in and (EZ-744) EriZoneTheme-5.3.7.opm Error text messages not readable under Ticket Notification Management (WD-546) Wrong width for Date field on customer interface (WD-551) Customer FAQ box bad style (WD-547) CustomerPanelCreateAccount not working (WD-549) Customer-side To field…

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07. 03. 2018 Juergen Vigna Log Management, NetEye

Analyze your OpenLDAP Logs

Suppose you have an OpenLDAP Server and you want to analyze what it does.  A good way to do this is to send the logs to NetEye’s LogServer.  Some elements you will see include: – Returned Entries! (ENTRY) – Search Operations! (SEARCH) – Total Connections! (BIND) To do this you need to add a new…

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05. 03. 2018 Davide Bizzarri Downloads / Release Notes

NetEye 3.12 Packages Updates

neteye-documentation-3.12.4-1: Bugfix: check_oracle_health error (NP-25) neteye-documentation-3.12.3-1: Improved documentation on Kibana (ND-45) Bugfix: Added note about Business Process Availability to clarify start time (ND-50) Updated information about Agreed Service Times in business services documentation (ND-57) BugFix: Added note about updating repository definitions for passive node (ND-58) Updated Alyvix URLs and file paths (ND-60) neteye-eventconsole-3.2.3-1: Fixed bug…

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