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Atlassian News ~ team’24 Edition

News from Las Vegas #wewerethere

A lot is going on in the Atlassian world and a lot of news was announced in the past days during Team ’24, an annual conference held in Las Vegas🎉

All the recorded sessions can be found here, …but if you want a quick summary of all the news, you’re in the right place!

Nicola Degara, Delivery Manager of the Atlassian team at Würth Phoenix, attended the event and he can definitely confirm there are a lot of hot topics going on😊

“Team24 buzzed with positive energy and disruptive innovation, with Jira’s exciting rebirth as an AI-powered, all-encompassing product suite leading the charge!

We are experiencing a new era for Jira and for all those users who are using it around the globe! New solutions have been introduced in the ecosystem, like the new Atlassian Rovo for human-AI collaboration, and Atlassian Guard for security and anomaly detection on data access. Additionally, the unified search across all products has finally been announced that will efficiently support information research boosted with the new AI features.

I had a great chance to meet many people and collect a lot of news and many ideas… I’m looking forward to transforming them to value creation in all our customer’s implementation projects 


A lot of explosive spoilers there already… 💥

Below you will find a list of all the announcements made in Las Vegas 🤠, but we’ll discuss the most important ones in upcoming articles… so stay tuned…


He founded Atlassian 23 years ago together with Mike Cannon-Brookes, and now it’s time for him to start a new adventure beginning this September. He’ll remain a board member, but he’ll concentrate more on his family and on mentoring tech CEO’s.

Source: here


The new era of Jira is finally here.

Atlassian has, at last, decided to combine Jira Software and Jira Work Management into a single entity, allowing every team to benefit from all the features of both tools and to be more aligned.

What will they call it? Drum roll…. Jira! (Welcome back!😍)

👉For all questions about licensing, you can look here.

There are also some interesting new features coming, and a dedicated article will come soon.. But here are some of them:

  • Jira Goals (coming soon): with this new feature, users will be able to create goals in Jira’s list and issue views to visualize how each task maps to a higher objective. There will also be a goals directory, where each goal can be viewed and tracked.
  • List view to all the projects that will allow in-line and bulk edits directly from there
  • Shared released dates in calendar (coming soon): you can see business projects as a calendar with issues arranged by date
  • Jira plans: a new feature available for Premium and Enterprise plans that lets you combine issues from different boards, projects, and filters to create a greater view

Source: here.


Atlassian has acquired Optic, an API documentation and management tool that makes it easy for developers to publish API docs. Optic will be integrated into Compass.

We cannot wait to see this!

Source: here.


All courses offered in the Atlassian University that are under $39 are now completely free! This is a great chance for your team to improve your skills and step to the next level 🚀

Source: here.


Atlassian Guard unifies Access with Beacon under a unique product with two different licensing possibilities.

Access is the identity and access management tool for the cloud, while Beacon helps with threat detection and response capabilities.

👉 With the standard plan you will have all the features previously available on Access plus some new ones, like enforced single sign-on (SSO) for external users. The premium plan will include Beacon capabilities for enforced security and audit logging.

Source: here.


Rovo is a product that will be soon available in beta version, and allows you to find data of any type when searching across tools and platform.

Rovo is also able to look into third-party apps and home-grown systems as well.

👉 Rovo has a conversational chat as well, where teams can ask any question. The chat is based on the company’s data and will get smarter as it keeps using it.

Source: here.


Last but not least… Atlassian has made huge investments in AI and we must say, we’re really happy about that! 😍

As an Enterprise customer and partner, we were able to test some of the features already, but… Atlassian has announced some new ones!

What do we like most? Here you go:

  • Virtual Agent in the help center: yaaay! A virtual Agent will soon be available in both Microsoft Teams and the help center inside Jira Service Management.
  • AI Work Breakdown: AI will make suggestions for breaking epics into issues, or issues into subtasks (coming soon).
  • AI Issue Reformatter: reviews and rewrites issue descriptions in a consistent framework to structure work for clarity.
  • AI Automation rules: we tried them and loved them. You can now create automation rules using natural language.
  • AIOps: AI will soon help group similar alerts together, detect patterns, and suggest potential root causes. Moreover, it will be possible to recommend resources such as runbooks and knowledge-base articles for time-saving solutions, as well as automate post-incident reviews to help you prevent recurring incidents.
  • AI in Whiteboards: through AI you can pull data from Jira tickets and Confluence pages, generate ideas and create virtual sticky notes… Also, AI helps grouping similar ideas… wow😍

Source: here.

As you can see, there are a lot of new products and new features! We are quite excited to see that Atlassian is continuously investing in new products, all powered by AI, and we truly believe this will help us and all our customers in their daily work.

We cannot wait to see all the new announced features in place, and reach the next level of collaboration🚀

That’s all from our side, see you soon for more news 😎



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