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30. 11. 2015 Nicola Degara EriZone & OTRS

BPM and ITIL for a Continual Improvement

The Creation of a Service Portfolio During the Service Strategy in ITIL, before starting with the redaction of a Service Portfolio it is important to obtain a wider overview of the Company Services that are recognized by the Business independently on their state of implementation: No longer offered: where do we come from? Currently active and… Read More

27. 11. 2015 Juergen Vigna Real User Experience Monitoring

Do Users Really Suffer That Much?

Open Source Based Application Performance Monitoring At SFScon 2015 The yearly South Tyrol Free Software Conference SFScon took place on Friday, 13th of November at the TIS Innovation Park in Bolzano. In this occasion, I held a speech about Application Performance Monitoring (APM) using our monitoring engine Alyvix. In this article I just want to provide… Read More

27. 11. 2015 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Change Evaluation With EriZone 3.4

The new EriZone 3.4 version supports the Change Evaluation process according to ITIL v3 rev.2011. Let’s see briefly what Change Evaluation process is and how it is supported in EriZone. ITIL defines a change as “the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on an IT service” and the Change Management… Read More

25. 11. 2015 Martin Fischer EriZone & OTRS

Central Data Source: The Practical Implementation of a CMDB

After having identified the importance of the CMDB for all service-oriented companies in my last article, now I would like to look at this topic from a more practice-oriented point of view. Nowadays, illustrating an entire user process within a company can be rather complex. The main cause of this is the interaction of a… Read More

23. 11. 2015 Sandro Santinato NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring

How Much Bandwidth Do Your IT Services Actually Use?

Nfdump displays the traffic among network devices and thereby allows seeing how much bandwidth is consumed by the single flows. This may be a useful information, but indeed, it is not very meaningful. Since Nfdump just lists the single flows between two ports (including the generated traffic), it is difficult to understand at a glance:… Read More

19. 11. 2015 Stefan Kofler NetEye, NetEye Updates

Updated package neteye-eventhandler-1.4.6-1

Changelog: – Fix missing requirement bug on 64bit (fix NEVHA-6) – Fix bug where Regex with brackets didn’t work correctly (fix NEVHA-11) – Character encoding in Eventhandler email rules (fix NEVHA-4)

06. 11. 2015 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, Release Notes

EriZone 3.4 Has Been Released!

Major Enhancements Change Evaluation Module A new bunch of features to provide a consistent and standardized means of determining the performance of a service change in the context of likely impacts on business outcomes, and on existing and proposed services and IT infrastructure. Budgeting Budget information in terms of operating and capital expenses. Evaluation Evaluation… Read More