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Images in EriZone notification emails

Images in scalable vector graphics format (SVG) are wonderful!  They’re crispy on retina displays, resizable without losing image quality, and usually take less space.  That means a faster loading time for the web page.

But what about SVG in email?  Although web technologies have developed rapidly, HTML-enhanced email is struggling to keep up.  Using SVG in email is a gamble, because of its support by email clients that currently stands at 60%.

svg support table in emails

One solution is to add a JPEG or PNG image as a fallback.  To set it up, follow this menu sequence:

Admin > SysConfig > Search for “AgentLogoEmail” > Enter Frontend::Agent > Change field “AgentLogoEmail” value.

EriZone AgentLogoEmail configuration

In this manner you can ensure that all clients will receive their notification email with the logo in the footer.

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