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28. 10. 2022 Elena Valgoi Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring


It-sa is Europe’s largest trade fair for IT security… and we were there!  This fair has taken place in Nuremberg since 2009, and is the meeting point for all decision makers and experts in IT security. It’s the #placetobe for all those searching for security solutions and for learning from major experts in the field. …

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28. 10. 2022 Juergen Vigna Contribution, NetEye

Receiving and Handling Incoming SMS’s on NetEye in Tornado (Part 1/2)

Most physical NetEye servers have an SMS Gateway attached in order to send CRITICAL notifications via an SMS message, since this will work even when the main network is down. However, sometimes you just want to send messages to your NetEye server’s SMS Gateway in order to effect certain actions, for example just to check…

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28. 10. 2022 Enrico Alberti Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Syslog Collection with Elastic under Distributed NetEye Monitoring

Anyone who has joined the beautiful world of logging has collided, sooner or later, with the collection via syslog protocol. More than 40 years have passed since syslog was invented, and in that time there have been several attempts by the IETF to create a standard around this world (RFC 3164 and RFC 5424). Even…

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21. 10. 2022 Giuseppe Di Garbo Icinga Web 2, ITOA, NetEye

A Custom Dashboard for Windows and Linux Servers

The performance graphs present in NetEye are very useful for getting an immediate idea of the trend related to a service check, but they’re still limited to the metric being viewed. Also, the “Show all graphs” option available from the Actions menu of each monitored Host can have different usage limits due to the presence…

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21. 10. 2022 Tobias Goller NetEye

GlusterFS on NetEye 4 and RedHat 8

As you’ve probably read in a previous blog by my colleague Jürgen Vigna, we use GlusterFS for particular requirements in our NetEye 4 cluster environments. After we completed the migration from the operating system CentOS 7 to RedHat 8, a few small things have changed or been updated. For all those who are new to…

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18. 10. 2022 Mirko Ioris ctf-writeups, SEC4U

Description of a Forensics Challenge – HTB Business CTF 2022

For those who don’t know, several of us at Wuerth-Phoenix often participate in Capture The Flag (CTF) events. CTFs are programming challenges where a message (the flag) is hidden somewhere inside code, an application or a website. Usually they are divided into different categories, and within this article we’ll focus on a forensics challenge. I…

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17. 10. 2022 Camilla Biamino Events, NetEye, SEC4U, Service Management

NetEye User Group 2022 in Verona 👁‍🗨

Here we go again! 🤩 Join us for the physical NetEye User Group, Italian edition, on 9th November 2022, from 9.30 AM to 5 PM at the Winter Garden Crowne Plaza in Verona! A day full of vITality! After a welcoming introduction, you’ll get to know all the news and strategic info about NetEye and…

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14. 10. 2022 Benjamin Gröber Development

The Most Important Question in Product Development

Communication is the single most important thing whenever and wherever people interact. Communication is the key to great relationships both in business and also in personal life, however it seems like it’s also the hardest thing to get right. When a software product evolves, between the birth of a good idea, the formalization of a…

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14. 10. 2022 Sultan Balawal Icinga Web 2, NetEye

Icinga Web 2 | AIA Module

In my time at Wuerth Phoenix I’ve worked on upgrading the customactions and ondutymanager neteye modules, as well as developing a new module called AIA, which stands for Alert Interval Adjustment. In this blog post I’ll talk about the AIA module. The Pitch Suppose you’re a large company with a vast and complex IT infrastructure….

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10. 10. 2022 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring COMMVAULT via API in NetEye 4

Commvault software is an enterprise-level data platform used to back up, restore, archive, replicate, and search data. The software is available across cloud and on-premises environments, and a lot of customers are using this solution as part of their infrastructure. And in such situations the necessity arises to develop a solution for integrating COMMVAULT information…

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10. 10. 2022 Lorenzo Candeago DevOps

My OpenShift Journey #5: Run Unprivileged Containers with systemd in OpenShift: Part 2 – Testing

In my previous blog post, we modified the boot parameters to enable cgroups v2 and the user namespace in CRI-O. In this second part I’ll show you how to run a sample container with systemd and check that the modifications we made actually worked. Setting up a Test Docker To test the new config, let’s…

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06. 10. 2022 Lorenzo Candeago DevOps

My OpenShift Journey #4: Run Unprivileged Containers with systemd in OpenShift: Part 1 – Deployment

For our ongoing transition from Jenkins to OpenShift, we’re currently working on porting our testing infrastructure to OpenShift. Our tests involve installing and running our product, NetEye, in a container. The installation requires a working systemd environment inside the container, and systemd needs to run with PID 1 and as root user (UID 0). Until…

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05. 10. 2022 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes, NetEye

NetEye 4 Asset – Security Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities

Synopsis Important: Multiple Security updates for NetEye 4 Type/Severity Security Advisory: Critical Topic Wuerth Phoenix has released some Critical Patches (CPs) for NetEye 4. These CPs resolve multiple vulnerabilities related to SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting and an unauthenticated remote command execution (RCE) exploit. Description GLPI was affected by: [Critical] RCE using a third-party library script…

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05. 10. 2022 Alessandro Valentini DevOps

My OpenShift Journey #3: Active Directory Integration and User Management

In our migration journey from multiple VMs to OpenShift, one mandatory step is the integration with our company’s Active Directory. This is the default IdP for our services like Jenkins, NetEye, etc., and we want to centralize authentication and permissions as much as possible. Integration with OpenShift is less straightforward than it is with other…

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03. 10. 2022 Davide Gallo ITOA, NetEye

Using Multiple Retention Policies in InfluxDB

By default all metrics in InfluxDB are stored forever, but for certain metrics we need to store them for a much shorter time span. One example is when we’re receiving very large amounts of raw data, when we’re much more interested in derived characteristics of that raw data. In this blog we’ll discuss how to…

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