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👀 The AI is coming! The AI is coming!

A brief presentation of the brand new Atlassian Intelligence features and their potential in real use case scenarios.   

We don’t need Chicken Little to tell us that our lives will be increasingly influenced by the Artificial Intelligence revolution – AI is transforming how we work, enhancing teamwork, and significantly accelerating team achievements. Machine learning is being used to improve personalized experiences and recommendations.

Organizations are progressively embracing the power of AI, with an increasing number of companies utilizing AI to gain benefits such as cost savings and efficiencies. Based on a global survey conducted by IBM in 2022, AI usage is prevalent in 35 percent of companies, with an additional 42 percent considering its adoption. AI tools are transforming from nice-to-have to must-have.

AI requires business investment in order to achieve widespread and significant results that businesses are interested in, like enhancing the customer experience and optimizing operations. Implementing AI-based solutions necessitate careful evaluation of business processes, managing stakeholder expectations, and clear communication with leadership.

AI is transforming the customer experience through applications like conversational AI, chatbots, and natural language processing.

Project management will also soon be completely revolutionized, and to get an idea of how, I suggest reading this article from the PMI website.

The AI shooting star is also joining the Atlassian universe: Atlassian intelligence will soon be rolled out on Atlassian cloud systems and is ready to integrate into our work routines, supporting us in focusing on valuable tasks for ourselves and our organization. It will take on the most tedious and automatable tasks on one hand, but which are of great value, if not necessary, on the other.

Actually, there are already AI implementations within the current Atlassian cloud systems. I’m referring to some small but incredibly helpful “intelligent” searches that your Atlassian systems already perform behind the scenes, such as:

  • Intelligent search: Enhanced search functionality with personalized and instant results, including intelligent filters for targeted content discovery within your work network
  • Predictive collaboration: Smart collaboration features that suggest relevant users for mentions, predict collaborators for document collaboration, and recommend reviewers for code changes
  • Workflow acceleration: recommends users for issue assignment, suggests field values for issue categorization and triage, and groups similar issues for efficient workflow operations

For further information on this, you can visit the following link: Intelligent experiences.

In addition, the newest AI features which are going to be rolling out shortly are described below, and some of them are already available in EAP.

Boost the speed on summarizing the essential information from meetings

Whether you need to condense meeting notes in Confluence, outline new assignments in Jira Software, or assist you in composing the best response in Jira Service Management, Atlassian Intelligence takes care of that work on your behalf.

Know more about the context of your company in just one click

Say “Goodbye” to confusion with Atlassian Intelligence, which provides instant access to your company’s institutional knowledge within Atlassian Cloud products. No more wondering, “What does that mean?”

Create JQL and SQL queries by speaking in a human language

The Atlassian Intelligence “Ask me everything” search bar understands languages and effortlessly translates natural language queries into JQL or SQL for seamless integration across all Jira Cloud products.

Immediate assistance on your company’s chat

Experience less downtime and more productivity with Jira Service Management virtual agents, accessible 24/7 via Slack and Microsoft Teams, providing instant support to employees.

Don’t miss the latest news on Atlassian intelligence releases! Check them out on the dedicated website: Atlassian Intelligence


Finally, I want to share with you that even the writing of this article involved the participation of AI (specifically, ChatGPT). While creating content with the support of AI can raise ethical and philosophical debates, I must say that it’s been very helpful during the creative process of this post. Personally, I believe that embracing this technology is an absolute must, not only to understand its benefits but especially its limitations.

It’s currently unthinkable that you would produce an entire article’s worth of valuable and accurate content by relying solely on ChatGPT’s output. We’ll just have to consider that, in the future, we’ll interact knowingly or unknowingly with these systems for many things [Editor: I’m not giving up that easily], and while they will become increasingly accurate, they will surely go through a learning phase in the coming years. So maybe just this once, Chicken Little was right.

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