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07. 10. 2019 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

NetEye Performance Analysis

During NetEye development, the R&D team relies on a Continuous Integration system (based on automated tools), that helps us identify errors, gaps and missing requirements, or in other words, that checks whether the actual results match the expected results. Developing high quality software means not only staying on the safe side by finding and correcting…

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02. 10. 2019 Damiano Chini Development, NetEye, SLM

SLM Report Rendering

The Service Level Management (SLM) module was introduced in NetEye 4.7. Thanks to this module, it is now possible to define customers, service level agreement types and contracts, which permits users to easily manage the agreements they have with their customers in terms of availability of their hosts and services. Tightly coupled with the SLM…

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30. 07. 2019 Angelo Rosace Development, NetEye

How To: Using the Elastic Watcher Feature to React to Failed Logon Attempts (Part 1)

The introduction of the new Elastic Features (formerly, X-Pack packages) for the Elastic Stack added many new functionalities to the previous implementation in Net-Eye. One of them is the Watcher feature. Let’s discuss a use case based on this feature. Imagine you as a user want to somehow trigger a webhook alert every time something…

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20. 06. 2019 Andrea Avancini Development, NetEye, NetEye ITOA

InfluxDays London 2019

As did for the last year edition, our DevOps team participated at InfluxDays, a conference organized by InfluxData and focused on time series data. We were really looking at the event with excitement, for all the new features InfluxData is putting into the new InfluxDB 2.0. So, apart from grabbing a very nice t-shirt, we…

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18. 06. 2019 MarinovMihail Development, NetEye

Go pprof – How to Understand Where There is Memory Retention

Recently I had to face a problem concerning a daemon written in Go that was consuming all available memory – causing critical and unpredictable situations for all the other components of the system. The first alarm came from NetEye: There was something that was requesting more and more memory. It was easy to understand which…

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08. 05. 2019 NetEye Blog Admin Development, NetEye

The “Bärner Monitoring Conference”

Industry insight into the rapidly evolving world of System Management and IT Monitoring: we were proud to be part of one inspiring community event at the “Bärner Analytic and Monitoring Conference” / Switzerland, where Georg talked about User Experience and End to End Monitoring with Alyvix. We had a great time together, learning about and…

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29. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Development, NetEye

NetEye 4 and the Continuous Localization with Weblate

As a software developer, working with translations has always been a pain.Non-technical people like translators cannot work directly on translation files due to their rules and the file syntax. In my professional career I’ve tried many times to include translators into the workflow, but the time we spent solving the bugs they introduced was more…

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20. 02. 2019 Thomas Forrer Development, NetEye


As we do every year, we participated again this year at FOSDEM, the largest conference on free and open source software in Europe.  Apart from having really nice conversations and grabbing many stickers 🙂 , we attended many very inspiring talks this year, too.

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30. 01. 2019 Arianna Cunaccia Development, NetEye

Icinga Camp Milan 2019

It’s getting closer! The first Italian Icinga Camp organized by Würth Phoenix will take place on September 26th in Milan. The agenda includes a great set of talks from experienced Icinga / NetEye users. The topics vary from integrations with Elastic and Alyvix, to complex event processing (CEP) as well as numerous best practices from…

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27. 12. 2018 Charles Callaway Development, NetEye

Research & Development – A New User Guide Process (Part 4)

Software grows.  So do software teams.  To avoid getting slow and rusty over time, teams need to constantly assess their progress, improve where they can, and make necessary changes when warranted. The NetEye R&D team is no exception. Back when NetEye was smaller, we wrote documentation when time allowed, typically after new features had already…

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27. 12. 2018 Michele Santuari Development, NetEye

Research & Development – Poker Planning (Part 3)

I described in a prior blog post the so-called Backlog which is used not only by the Research & Development team but also by the other teams in the System Integration unit. The Backlog Refinement meeting is focused on the prioritization and re-ordering of tasks, and this activity cannot be achieved without properly estimating effort. In this…

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21. 12. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Development, NetEye

NetEye 4 PSR-7 implementation

When talking about data transmission the main thing to take care is that both sides communicate in the same language. The sender must be sure to send only stuff that the receiver can understand. The receiver must know how to interpret the request and to process an intelligible response for the sender. Let me introduce…

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20. 12. 2018 NetEye Blog Admin Development, NetEye

The Power of DevOps in the Cloud

How can you preserve software maintainability while continuously releasing new features and improving development process quality? Our NetEye R&D Team answered this with its contribution at a dedicated workshop at the NOI Tech Park in Bolzano, discussing how Agile tools can unleash a team’s creativity and improve software delivery cycle time. The event was organized…

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17. 12. 2018 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

IPL Turns NetEye 4 Development Upside Down

We are witnessing a deep transformation within the NetEye 4 core: Icinga Web 2 will move from the Zend Framework to a totally new library called IPL (Icinga PHP Library).  This change is already underway in the NetEye 4.3 release with the new version of the Director module.  The Icinga team has already partially introduced…

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05. 12. 2018 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

How to create a new ZendForm element for Icinga Web 2

In one of the latest releases of the EventHandler module for NetEye 4 we introduce, for the first time, a completely customized form element.  In order to satisfy certain EventHandler usage constraints, we needed to create a drop-down element that allows the user to enter a custom value in addition to choosing one of the…

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