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11. 02. 2021 TobiasGoller Asset Management

IPTool: A New GLPI Plug-in

One of my customers, who uses GLPI very extensively for asset management, recently brought me a new request wanting a central overview of their host and IP registration. These host names and IPs are currently being maintained across various applications and tools, although GLPI is used as the central administrative application. As is so often…

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11. 01. 2021 Gianluca Piccolo Asset Management, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Use NetEye 4.15 JWT Built-in Authentication to use Fusion Inventory and GLPI

Use Case Suppose we want to trigger Fusion Inventory execution in a GLPI installation, where we can then use the Autonomous mode to import data into GLPI via a CURL request. Let’s see how JWT (JSON Web Token) can help us in NetEye 4.15. Prerequisites A NetEye 4.15 (or later) installation with the Asset module…

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30. 09. 2020 Gabriele Cecco NetEye, Service Management

GLPI – SIM Card Data Migration from Plugin to Core

Beginning with GLPI version 0.83 a very useful plugin to record SIM card data was available. The plugin was created by Walid Nouh and then updated by Anthony Piesset and Thierry Bugier Pineau, and was very convenient for keeping track of company SIM card data. In addition to the specific data of the SIM like…

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15. 07. 2020 TobiasGoller Unified Monitoring

GLPI and Ticketing

At the beginning of the year, the OCS and GLPI asset management solutions were integrated into NetEye 4. And so we have been increasingly implementing projects in this environment. In fact recently I was once again able to activate and configure a ticketing system in GLPI for a customer. It’s always amazing how easy it…

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29. 01. 2018 Roberto Palmarin Log-SIEM, NetEye

From Software Inventory to Vulnerabilities!

Now that your company has invested time and resources in gathering information about your entire installed base of software and equipment, how can we analyze and measure its level of security protection?  Can we identify the vulnerabilities in your company’s software?  Can we create a scoring function that measures security and how it changes over…

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09. 08. 2017 Giuseppe Di Garbo Uncategorized

Gestione del ciclo di vita degli asset con GLPI ed OCS Inventory

Tutti i nostri clienti che utilizzano l’asset management integrato in NetEye conoscono bene le potenzialità offerte da OCS Inventory e GLPI e dalla loro integrazione. Spesso però non tutte le funzionalità vengono sfruttate per la gestione del ciclo di vita degli asset. Tra le caratteristiche disponibili per una gestione completa del ciclo di vita degli…

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09. 08. 2017 Giuseppe Di Garbo Asset Management, Asset Management, NetEye, NetEye

Life Cycle Asset Management with GLPI and OCS Inventory

If you are using our Asset Management module integrated into NetEye, you probably already know about the potential of OCS Inventory and GLPI. However, often users are not aware of all the functionalities available in Life Cycle Asset Management. So let’s highlight some of the most important features to manage the entire life cycle of…

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21. 12. 2016 Davide Bizzarri NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Create a GLPI Plugin

Introduction Plugins are used to extend and modify the functions of GLPI. In this tutorial, we will see how to create from scratch a GLPI plugin for cloning Computers . This tutorial presumes that you have basic knowledge of GLPI. Prerequisites GLPI <= 0.85 1. Creating a new plugin Localize the installation folder of GLPI. In our case…

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21. 07. 2016 Arianna Cunaccia Uncategorized

Diventa un esperto GLPI! 20-21 settembre – Bolzano

Ti invitiamo al training per la gestione di componenti hardware e software di apparecchiature informatiche e l’assistenza “Help desk” con GLPI. Le giornate formative, realizzate da Würth Phoenix, ti offriranno la possibilità di entrare in contatto con i nostri esperti per approfondire le tue conoscenze amministrative e ottimizzare i processi di manutenzione della tua azienda….

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20. 04. 2015 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, NetEye

GLPI Plugin UPDATE: Automatic Recognition of network devices and their modules

There are some important new features available regarding the GLPI Plugin about which I wrote in my earlier article Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules. As described in that post, the GLPI Plugin, which is available since version 3.5 of NetEye, permits the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. The plugin…

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30. 06. 2014 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, NetEye

Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules

NetEye 3.5 will permit you the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. Through the implementation of an interface between the two existing modules GLPI (asset management solution within NetEye) and NeDi (network discovery) we were able to facilitate the overall asset management. This interface was realized as a standard GLPI Plugin. So…

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14. 04. 2014 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated neteye-glpi packages version 0.83.91

This is a fixrelease for glpi 0.83: – CVE-2013-2225 + CVE-2013-2227 : Security fix ( serialize + filter classname for autoload) – Fix in contract notifications entity params

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06. 12. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Virtual Machine Inventory

An IT organization today needs to have all the hardware, software and licenses information in order to negotiate with suppliers through a target strategy or to perform timely updates. A complete inventory system is therefore a must. As you may already know, NetEye provides the Inventory and Asset Management modules through the integration of GLPI…

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28. 10. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Rack management with GLPI

Have you ever had the need to manage in your inventory the location and the content of your racks? The plugin Bays Management for GLPI can also be adopted to meet this need. With the plugin it is possible to create and manage your rack and to locate the various components. In this way it is…

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14. 09. 2012 Thomas Forrer Service Management

New OTRS add-ons: drop down from DB and text area from DB

In OTRS it is not possible to retrieve data from external DB, for this reason I have recently developed two new add-ons able to query directly on a database at runtime to fill in “possible values”. These add-ons are two new instances of dynamic fields in OTRS 3.1.x: a drop down from DB and a…

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