Blog Entries

29. 12. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Efficient Service Desk Configurations with EriZone

In a previous blog post, Towards Self-Adaptive Service Desk Systems, I identified three basic service desk configurations for the practical management of service requests and incidents. In this article, you will find an overview and further details about these service desk configurations, including recommendations on how to work effectively with them in EriZone. I also… Read More

22. 12. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

An Underestimated Indicator: AccountedTime

The realization of an effective Service Desk should be considered a success.  On the other hand, the possibility of increasing efficiency is a necessary benefit for containing infrastructure costs, or for invoicing them to users with a pay-per-use model. The metrics and KPIs that we already use help us to measure service desk tasks, user… Read More

21. 12. 2017 Massimiliano De Luca NetEye

GROK: Instructions for Use

Grok is a plug-in installed by default in Logstash, which is supplied with the Elastic package (the ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana), one of the integrated modules in our NetEye Unified Monitoring solution.What is this plug-in for? First of all, Grok is an English neologism that means  “to understand profoundly, intuitively or by empathy,… Read More

21. 12. 2017 Giuseppe Di Garbo EriZone & OTRS, NetEye

The Role of IT Asset Management in GDPR Compliance (Part II)

In my previous article I introduced what GDPR (General Data Protections Regulations) is, what measures it introduces, and how IT asset management (ITAM) can support it. In this second post we’ll see which IT asset management modules are available in NetEye, our IT System Management solution. Introduction Within ITSM (IT Service Management), ITIL defines the… Read More

21. 12. 2017 Massimiliano De Luca NetEye

The Importance of Naming Convention in NetEye

Imagine that you need to change offices quite often. In each of these offices, you’ll need to use a different PC. Each computer obviously has a different keyboard. And every time you change offices, you’d need to learn the new keyboard layout. What a waste of time! Although the example may be trivial, it should… Read More

20. 12. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

How to Integrate the EriZone Customer Database with Web Services

One of the key points in the EriZone configuration is the connection to the database that contains information on the users of the system. A database without information on users has a negative effect on the incident management process. Let’s imagine that you are a Service Desk operator who has to work on an urgent… Read More

20. 12. 2017 Valentina Da Rold NetEye

How to create time-based dashboard with Plotly

Plotly is a useful and complete open source tool that allow you to compose, edit and share interactive data visualizations.  Built atop D3.js, Plotly is one of the most common libraries used for browser-based graphing. My aim was to create a nice-looking dashboard with four time-based graphs.  I was searching for a complete, easy-to-implement and free-to-license JavaScript… Read More

07. 12. 2017 Valentina Da Rold NetEye

How to Customize Your Grafana Theme

Grafana is an open source dashboard tool that helps users to easily create and edit dashboards. Grafana uses Golang as a backend and Angular as frontend. It is quite a large codebase and supports a large number of options for its components (data sources, options, panels, etc.). Grafana’s stylesheet is written using the Sass CSS extension… Read More