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28. 09. 2018 Franco Federico Asset Management, NetEye

How to Change the Default Language in OCS Inventory

OCS Inventory is part of our Asset Management module integrated into NetEye. Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation (OCS Inventory NG) is free software that enables users to inventory IT assets. OCS-NG collects information about the hardware and software of networked machines from the machines themselves running the OCS client program (“OCS Inventory Agent”)….

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27. 09. 2018 Mirko Morandini Service Management

Creating Tickets from QR-Codes and Asset Numbers

You need to print some training material, but after a few pages the color printer stops and just shows some error code… so what happens next? You phone the IT department, telling them who you are and where you are, guessing which printer it is… possibly the color printer on 3rd floor of the North…

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27. 09. 2018 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

Tactical Monitoring Overview: A Fresh Look!

With this blog I want to show you how to use Grafana 5 and Telegraf to give NetEye 3’s Tactical Monitoring Overview a great new look. The current Tactical Monitoring Overview is based on the Thruk frontend, and provides a lot of information about the current monitoring status. This includes the status of hosts, services,…

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25. 09. 2018 NetEye Blog Admin Events

Hackthealps – The winning team!

“An instructive, sleepless, funny and challenging weekend…” ;

Malte and Andreas, winner of the Würth Phoenix challenge were glad to participate at the Hackthealps competition.

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25. 09. 2018 Valentina Da Rold NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Integrate an External jQuery Plugin in Icinga Web 2

As already mentioned in my other blog posts, NetEye 4 is based on Icinga Web 2, a powerful PHP framework. During the development of some of our custom NetEye modules for Icinga Web 2, we needed to include some new, custom jQuery plugins to create a neat new effect in the GUI.  For example, with…

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25. 09. 2018 Benjamin Gröber NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Add/Rename an Icinga2 Satellite

Infrastructures get reorganized, organizations grow and naming conventions change. Icinga2 nodes can reliably trust each other by following the guidelines for certificate generation and building a dedicated certificate chain.  Certificates rely on hostnames and DNS, which aren’t usually subject to changes, but it does happen sometimes. What then? First of all, all certificates in NetEye’s…

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25. 09. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

NetEye 4 Log Management: Rsyslog and the Elastic Stack

When you need to manage and collect large amounts of data, there can be a lot of hard tasks to do.  So we decided to take some of the best Open Source tools to help us do it in the best possible way.  Let me introduce you to Rsyslog and the Elastic Stack implementation for…

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25. 09. 2018 Alessandro Romboli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Performance – Part 2

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Performance In a complex distributed RDS environment, it’s difficult to measure RDS performance: the end user typically notices responsiveness in a different way compared to measuring a single Windows Performance Counter! Overall performance tends to degrade over time: and frequent maintenance is required to keep an RDS Farm efficient. Of course,…

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25. 09. 2018 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Be Like Bill. Talk To Your EriZone Consultant.

It’s 16:00 on the first Friday in April Jeff is sitting in his office chair, and responds at the first ring of his CISCO VoIP phone. Bob’s screams come out of the receiver and Jeff instinctively pulls it away from his ear. Bob isn’t satisfied that the tickets opened by his group are always resolved…

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24. 09. 2018 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye, Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Hackthealps… Great Challenge, Well-Deserved Winners

The hackathon with the most panoramic view this week took place on the “Plan de Corones” in South Tyrol. The over-2000-meter a.s.l. event venue in the Puster Valley offered exciting development challenges, a breathtaking view within the heart of the Dolomites, and many chances to express creativity even beyond lines of code. Würth Phoenix contributed…

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24. 09. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes

Updated modules icingaweb2, icingaweb2-module-nagvis and nagvis

Updated icingaweb2-module-nagvis to 1.1.1_neteye1.2.5-1 and nagvis to 1.9.8_neteye1.3.2-1 for NetEye 4.2: – Fixed: Deleting a map in Maps did not completely remove it Updated icingaweb2 to 2.5.1_neteye1.13.6-1 for NetEye 4.2: – Fixed: Updated the documentation on how to set the right timezone (for system and PHP)

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21. 09. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes

Updated modules icingaweb2, icingaweb2-module-nagvis and nagvis

Updated icingaweb2-module-nagvis to 1.1.1_neteye1.2.4-1 and nagvis to 1.9.8_neteye1.3.1-1 for NetEye 4.2: – Fixed: Cannot open a NagVis map after it has been renamed Updated icingaweb2 to 2.5.1_neteye1.13.5-1 for NetEye 4.2: – Fixed: Updated the documentation on secure connections with HTTPS

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21. 09. 2018 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Service Management

HackTheAlps Challenge with Würth Phoenix

We are proud to participate as HackTheAlps PlatinSponsor and really curious about what you are going to do to our data! Visual Synthetic Monitoring with Alyvix – User Experience – Enjoy Your Holiday! Most people hate being away from the Internet even when they are on holiday. Many of them might choose a location where…

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21. 09. 2018 NetEye Blog Admin Unified Monitoring

ntop Isn´t a Teenager Anymore

It all started with a pretty simple purpose: “The initial idea behind ntop was to create a simple tool to enable network visibility without having to deal with complicated network protocols,“ says ntop founder Luca Deri. What followed were 20 years of the highest quality development, motivation and passion, bringing ntop to what it is…

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19. 09. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia APM, NetEye

Artificial Intelligence as Opportunity and Challenge

The Cloud, Big Data and IoT are changing the way businesses operate: value can only be created by making effective use of data. This demand to deepen knowledge has increased the number of big data tools, new sharing platforms and smart objects. But how do these new technologies affect traditional methods of IT management? What…

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