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19. 09. 2021 Rocco Pezzani ITOA, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Understanding Instability in a Monitored Environment

Whenever a new monitoring project gets underway, a consultant discusses with the customer about almost any related topic: what needs to be monitored, how to monitor it, when to implement it, how to represent performance data, etc. Based on customer needs and desires, any sort of implementation strategy can be planned, but almost all of…

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08. 02. 2021 Stefano Bruno NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Signal Message Notification within NetEye

Lately we’ve heard over and over about alternative instant messaging applications similar to the more famous WhatsApp. We’ve talked before about the possibility of implementing notifications from our monitoring system through Telegram. In this article we’ll talk about an alternative application to these two: Signal is a cross-platform, centralized encrypted messaging service. It uses the…

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11. 01. 2021 Enrico Alberti Log-SIEM, NetEye

Alerting on NetEye SIEM: Tornado Webhooks and Smart Monitoring (part 2)

In my previous post I showed you how to make your own alerts on NetEye SIEM by using the Elastic Watcher and Alerts and Actions features. But if we work in production environments, what we really need is an alert that can go directly to NetEye’s Monitoring Overview. How can we manage SIEM alerts and…

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11. 01. 2021 Enrico Alberti Log-SIEM, NetEye

Alerting on NetEye SIEM: Watcher & ‘Alerts and Actions’ (Part 1)

The main goal of a monitoring system like NetEye is to alert and notify you when something noteworthy happens in your environment. All the logs coming in to NetEye SIEM can be analyzed, and could raise one or more alerts in the Elastic Stack, such as detection, machine learning anomalies, etc. How can you make…

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17. 07. 2020 Rocco Pezzani Icinga Web 2, NetEye

How to Integrate NetEye 4 with Jira

Jira Module for Icinga Web 2 As many of you are aware, at the end of 2019 Icinga released the first version of a Jira module for Icinga Web 2. This module gives Icinga Web 2 the ability to query Atlassian Jira Service Desk for issues related to Hosts or Services and, of course, to…

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31. 03. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Configure Telegram Notifications on NetEye

In a previous post, Valentina showed us how to configure Slack Notifications… and here I will similarly show you how to configure Telegram notifications on NetEye. Create a Telegram Bot A very easy way to create a bot on Telegram is through … another bot 😉 BotFather is a Telegram bot dedicated to the creation…

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25. 03. 2020 Mirko Morandini Service Management

Informing Customers on the EriZone Web Interface

Your web shop is down, a fact that was already reported by your monitoring system.  After two minutes the first customer sends in a ticket, asking if you’re aware of the problem.  And then another 12 customers after him, resulting in 13 quite useless tickets. Or perhaps you have a planned ERP downtime, and you’ve…

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29. 03. 2019 Charles Callaway Cloud, NetEye

SMS Notifications by Bridging Ethernet and Serial with Moxa’s NPort

Monitoring needs to take place wherever data is collected, which may not always be right next to your NetEye server. If you have poor signal reception, or else you’re running on a virtual machine, and you need 24×7 availability, notification via SMS may be the only option. Sometimes you just can’t run a serial cable…

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26. 03. 2019 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Add Some Style to Your Notifications

Some time ago, a customer told me about his need to produce, via EriZone, a summary document containing the data collected in the ticket dynamic fields. One way to do this is to take advantage of the EriZone Ticket Notification Module. Using the native editor in the notification module, I created an HTML table and…

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14. 02. 2017 Juergen Vigna Uncategorized

Monitoring-Benachrichtigungen über Telegram oder Microsoft Teams versenden

Ãœblicherweise werden auftretende Probleme mittels E-Mail oder SMS an die zuständigen IT-Mitarbeiter gemeldet. Aber sind das tatsächlich schon alle möglichen Kanäle um Benachrichtigungen zu versenden? Natürlich nicht. Zwei sehr geschickte Beispiele sind diese hier: Benachrichtigungen über die Telegram App (CLI) Benachrichtigungen über die Office 365 Web API (Microsoft Teams) Telegram Wie Sie wahrscheinlich wissen, ermöglicht die…

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14. 02. 2017 Juergen Vigna NetEye, NetEye

How to send monitoring notifications to Telegram or Microsoft Teams

The conventional thing in a monitoring environment is to notify problems to your staff over E-Mail. Other than E-Mails also SMS are a very common notification type. But is this all we can offer to notify people about problems in our IT? Obviously, there is more than that. Two very handy examples are: Notifications over the Telegram App…

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08. 11. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated smstools3 package version 3.1.11-8

– Fixed issue in which should not send anything with empty TEXT

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27. 09. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated smstools3 package with important bugfix version 3.1.11-5.neteye

In the earliear package smsend had problems sending sms’s with special chars as accented ones and diaresis. This bug has been fixed with this version of smstools.

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01. 08. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated smstool3 package version 3.1.11-4

A small bugfix in the logrotation file has been added, which could hit customers with a NetEye Cluster controlling the modem.

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10. 04. 2009 Juergen Vigna Unified Monitoring

Notifiche Nagios oltre SMS e E-Mail

Chi usa Nagios sa che uno delle funzionalità essenziali é la notificazione su problemi critici. Normalmente si usa l’email o SMS come sistema di notificazione, specialmente in ambiente dove un GSM Modem é presente come nel caso di NetEye in qui il GSM Modem é attaccato direttamente all’Appliance. Aver collegato il GSM Modem direttamente all’Appliance…

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