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14. 06. 2021 Mirko Morandini Asset Management, Service Management

GLPI: the “Swiss army knife” of IT Management

A knife, a saw, a pair of scissors, two screwdrivers, … Having specialized tools at hand when you need them can be convenient. But all these tools together are heavy, bulky and don’t suit everyone’s pocket (budget as well as size!). That’s why the Swiss knife has had and still has such success: you get…

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30. 06. 2020 Gabriele Cecco NetEye, Service Management

Open a Ticket in Jira Service Desk Directly from NetEye 4? Piece of Cake!

Have you ever wanted to open a ticket in Jira Service Desk when NetEye 4 highlights a problem? Here’s a recipe for connecting NetEye 4 to Jira Service Desk Cloud.
Preparation Time:   About 20 minutes
Difficulty:   Easy
Ingredients   …

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05. 07. 2017 Mirko Morandini Events, Service Management

Towards Self-Adaptive Service Desk Systems

If you don’t work in the field of IT service management, you might suppose that a service desk, and especially an IT service desk, is something quite standard… having similar services and a similarly structured support staff structures across all companies. However, despite having (apparently) a very similar goal and trying to follow a common…

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12. 01. 2017 Mirko Morandini Service Management

Efficient management of support requests and authorizations by using child tickets

In EriZone, processes that require the involvement of multiple responsible persons and different competence centers are often implemented by using the concept of child ticket. Child tickets are independent tickets that are created from and linked to their so-called parent tickets. Depending on the specific use case, it is possible to copy data and properties…

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14. 07. 2016 Oreste Attanasio NetEye, Service Management

Activate your Account for the new Service Desk Portal

If you’re a subscribed customer you can access your account on the brand new WÜRTHPHOENIX Service Desk Portal. Here’s how ! Our new Service Desk Portal is based on the latest version of our IT-Service Management solution EriZone. 

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27. 05. 2014 Andrea di Lernia NetEye

Solve the incident, analyze the problem with NetEye

Sometimes in the organizations where the IT support is involved both in the Service Desk and in the new project activities, it is not taken into account the difference between an incident and a problem. In most cases, in fact, when there is an incident (that can be often solved by a sequence of commands…

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14. 03. 2014 MarinovMihail Service Management

New features for EriZone: ticket CC

In this post I would like to introduce you an interesting feature of EriZone (powered by OTRS) – named Ticket CC. Briefly, EriZone agents and customers are now able to select through the customer and agent web portals other customers with the same CustomerID as the customer of the ticket and/or agents with ‘wr’ permissions…

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24. 01. 2014 NetEye Blog Admin Service Management

“Enterprise Request Information” The launch of the new IT Service Management suite EriZone

With EriZone we are proud to present you our new IT Service Management offer based on OTRS, the leading Open Source Help Desk and Ticketing solution. EriZone develops and manages IT service processes following the best practices provided by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Cost optimization, the focus on critical business processes and on customers’ requirements are forming…

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