Facility Monitoring: NetEye stretches its feelers

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NetEye Sensoren (002)

As it should be for a good monitoring system, NetEye has its environmental sensors (smoke-, temperature-, humidity-, water- and more), so why looking elsewhere instead of using your existing solution? NetEye for this purpose provides a configurable box, which can be populated with either 4 or 12 sensors. The box is connected via Ethernet cable to the network and can be then configured.

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One Day with Huawei …. and NetEye

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In addition to the well-known top dogs such as Cisco, HP and Juniper, also Huawei is steadly spreading in the field of network devices. I have taken this fact as an impulse to connect a Huawei 2751 S2751- 28TP-PWR-EI-AC to a NetEye appliance and to test which information can be retrieved.

The device I tested is a switch with 24 100Mbit ports and 4 Gigabit ports.

To prepare it, a basic configuration has to be made and we have to make sure, that also the SNMP agent and a SSH configuration are active.

patrick p1

Patrick p2

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Automatic Network Management – A Challenging Goal

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2016-08-17 17_06_49-European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge

Würth Phoenix – Research News

Currently researchers around the world are competing to bring automatic network management to the next level. Würth-Phoenix S.r.l. has recently released a dataset and is currently organizing one of this year’s ECML-PKDD discovery challenges together with The H2020 EU 5G-Cognet project and the University of Trento.

The challenge consists in a multi-class single label classification task of network traffic, as it could be generated by a small company on an average working day. The goal is to predict which application sent which of the requests of the day, while only metrics that do not directly contain this information are available. This challenge is one of the first explorations of ML for automatic network analysis exposed to the public.

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Process Automation with EriZone

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Process Management

As an EriZone consultant I stand at our customers’ side during phases of process changes. Mostly, it is not to change the fundamentals of the workflows, since the companies usually have them already clearly defined and well described in many documents. The challenge is to translate the processes by using a tool that allows to guide the various people/roles which are involved in those processes.

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Advanced Service Dispatcher

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The Classic Service Dispatcher is a powerful tool to sort tickets into the right center of competence (queue) by looking primarily on the ticket service and the company (customer) who opened the ticket.

The new Advanced Service Dispatcher brings full control on the execution order and allows filtering by additional conditions and Regular Expression matching for Services and Dynamic Fields, such that it is possible to have a minimal set of needed Service Dispatchers.

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Save the Date! Customer TouchPoint – September 27, Bolzano

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New approaches and technologies for a more efficient customer service

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are mandatory characteristics of quality Customer Service. That is why service management and ticketing solutions now play a key role in the administration and organization of the service requests, helping companies in the process of continual improvement.

These solutions, in addition, may offer further opportunities through the cloud by boosting your competitiveness thanks to the access to the essential information resources by renewing your corporate processes.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in our next business break where you can get practical examples of the drivers of innovation and strategic change in this area. You will have the perfect chance to learn how leading companies as Microtec or Brennercom can get real advantages in terms of organization, quality customer service and reduced costs.

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Asset Management in NetEye: Management of smartphones, tablets and SIM cards

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SIM Inventory

IT Asset Management (ITAM) entails collecting inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the IT asset throughout its life cycle. ITAM depends on robust processes, with tools to automate manual processes. Capturing and integrating autodiscovery/inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository for all IT assets enables the functions to effectively manage vendors and a software and hardware asset portfolio from requisition through retirement, thus monitoring the asset’s performance throughout its life cycle.


Nowadays, reducing costs, increasing service levels and improving visibility of financial and operational decisions, has become a MUST for most IT departments.

Therefore, it is strategically important to be equipped with tools to manage the contracts related to hardware in use, software and licenses.

The aim is, being able to efficiently negotiate with suppliers, to define a targeted acquisitions strategy, to perform all updates in time, to monitor the expiration of contracts and software licenses, as well as hardware maintenance.

Asset Management in NetEye

Thanks to the integration of GLPI and OCS Inventory, NetEye provides the Inventory and Asset Management module, with which you are able to achieve the above-mentioned goals and to optimize operating costs.

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Practical Application of the NetEye Log Management Module to visualize SMS Notifications

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Sometimes it is not so visible how many SMS are sent by a NetEye Server and to whom. So it could be a good idea to give the sms-send-protocol file to the Log Management and to include it into the Elasticsearch Index. Then you may create a Dashboard in Kibana to show the usage of your SMS Modems, something like this:


How to realize this?

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EriZone Security Advisory

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The new package FAQ 2.3.6 has been published in the EriZone repositories to overcome the OSA-2016-01 Information Disclosure Vulnerability.
The package has been published for the EriZone releases 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5

You can update the FAQ package if you are using it following the sequence:
Update the Package Manager repository information and upgrade the FAQ package

Execute the following actions from the command line:

  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/erizone.global_makelink
  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/Permissions.sh
  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/RestartEriZone.sh



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IT Orchestration in NetEye: Enable locked user account from Action Launchpad

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The IT Orchestration module ( also known as Action Launchpad ) comes with the purpose to simplify IT service operations. Operations can be configured within command calls that can be granted to users of your Service Operations Center. The module Action Launchpad allows to define command configurations to be called on request and job schedule on a remote server.

The advantage:

  • Define an operation to perform once and call it easily with a simple click
  • Avoid users to access remote systems for command call
  • Grant permissions to dedicated users for specific commands
  • Track the results
  • Automate the execution with a build in scheduler

How does it work ?

IT Orchestration Schema

IT Orchestration Schema

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AS400 Monitoring with the NRPE Protocol

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Everyone who is administering an IBM AS400 server has also the responsibility to monitor it.

If the used monitoring software is based on a Nagios solution like our NeteEye, the best known monitoring plugin for as400 is the check_as400.

The check_as400 is a plugin which is based on java and connects to the as400 system by a connection which is like a telnet connection.

Every check launched by this command, analyses the printed output of an as400 monitor and analyses the strings of the output. Obviously you have to consider the language of the system, because the output strings are different if the language of the as400 system is English, Italian, German, and so on.

Furthermore, if you are going to launch a lot of this check_as400 checks on an as400 system, you will often get timeouts for check results, especially if the checks are running at the same time.

On one of my last customer activities, we were gone to install a NRPE client for the as400 systems. This was a new experience for me. The NRPE client is language independent and is coming up with lot of standard checks for the system. Quite similar as on Linux systems.

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Network Performance Monitoring: Port Mirroring vs. Network TAPs vs. Hardware Timestamp

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Monitoring network traffic was initially used only for highlighting the typology of network traffic and the quantity of packages/bites broadcasted. This information are important to analyze anomalies, to optimize flows (balance network traffic) and to size the infrastructure.

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Review: German Edition of our NetEye & EriZone Usergoup 2016

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Usergroup 2016

We can look back on a successful, first German edition of the NetEye and EriZone usergroup. Numerous customers came to Ludwigsburg, to join our event hosted by our valued customer HAHN+KOLB. News about our products, roadmaps and not at least, the direct exchange among end users were the main focus of the usergroup.

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