Why does my local network latency increase during working hours?

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Sometimes you get a higher network latency during certain periods of the day.

Network section of a datacenter (1 Gigabit Ethernet) with normal, constant latency throughout the day

Network section of a datacenter (1 Gigabit Ethernet) with normal, constant latency throughout the day. Please consider that the typical latency for 1 Gigabit Ethernet connections is minor than 5ms.


Network section of a datacenter (1 Gigabit Ethernet) with increased latency during working hours

Network section of a datacenter (1 Gigabit Ethernet) with increased latency during working hours. Please consider that the typical latency for 1 Gigabit Ethernet connections is minor than 5ms.

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Customer TouchPoint il 27 settembre a Bolzano

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Nuovi approcci e tecnologie per rendere più efficace il servizio alla clientela

Quali sono i veri driver di innovazione e cambiamento strategico in ambito di IT Service Management e Cloud Services? Il business break Customer TouchPoint vi offre un‘occasione unica per scoprire come aziende rinomate traggono un reale vantaggio in termini di organizzazione e qualità di servizio nella gestione delle richieste di assistenza clienti.

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Continuously rising demand for the NetEye Shutdown Management solution

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Shutdown Management NetEye

More and more companies trust in the NetEye Shutdown Management solution.

Businesses from different branches (financial, chemical, public, industrial, commercial) already implemented our manufacturer-independent solution.

One main advantage of the NetEye Shutdown Management is the flexible integration of the shutdown policies for devices that are already inserted in the NetEye monitoring. Moreover, it is possible to create complex shutdown procedures by using the Business Process module.  You can for example launch the shutdown procedure by monitoring the remaining UPS time and the fuel status of the current generator.

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Style Consistency thanks to Component Library

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Style Consistency thanks to Component Library
A front end developer is positioned in the middle of lots of other jobs. To successfully deliver products he has to be aware of design, back end, content and other things that make everything nicely work together [2].

Misunderstandings, wasted time on synchronizing elements in development and production environments, duplicate work – these are just a few problems developers need to encounter developing a product [1].

Solving these problems would improve communication, knowledge distribution and provide consistency in the way the design process is being handled. This is where the Component Library comes in handy.

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Save the date! NetEye & EriZone UserGroup 2016

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The future is now! 

The strategic impact on the IT Management in the Big Data and Cloud era
Cantine Ferrari, Trento, Thursday October 20th, 14:00 – 18:00

Discover the recent IT System & Service management innovations at the next NetEye & EriZone UserGroup, the unique event dedicated to our customers to identify emerging challenges in the ITSM and to participate in the definition of our solutions’ new evolution phase.

You will get in touch with the reality of the future that allows outlining the strategic impact on the management of Big Data, IoT, Cloud and SmartCity.

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Visual Synthetic Monitoring

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Release of Alyvix 2.3 Carnera

New features to automate and measure application transactions

Release Alyvix 2.3 EN

[if you are not familiar with Alyvix, please have a look at the info-box at the bottom of this article]

The new Alyvix master release 2.3  comes up with some major enhancements such as controllable precision and accuracy, more detailed reports and new performance storing and publishing capabilities. In the following article, you will find important information regarding these new features.

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NetEye 3.8 Has Been Released!

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Release Notes NetEye 3.8

Among others, the latest NetEye version comes up with several improvements in the fields of Discovery and Asset Management, as well as a new possibility to recognize patterns and trends within large datasets for a reliable Performance Management.

Additionally, the release of Alyvix 2.3 provides new features for End User Experience Monitoring, ready for being integrated to NetEye.


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Using EriZone for Access Management and Provisioning

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Access Management1

A critical part of IT Service Management is the management of access to all kinds of IT-related resources, including not only the access to IT systems, networks and software, but also the provisioning of devices such as phones and laptops, contracts (e.g. phone or data contracts with 3rd party operators) and often also items regarding facility management, such as badges and transponders for access to restricted areas.

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Facility Monitoring: NetEye stretches its feelers

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NetEye Sensoren (002)

As it should be for a good monitoring system, NetEye has its environmental sensors (smoke-, temperature-, humidity-, water- and more), so why looking elsewhere instead of using your existing solution? NetEye for this purpose provides a configurable box, which can be populated with either 4 or 12 sensors. The box is connected via Ethernet cable to the network and can be then configured.

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One Day with Huawei …. and NetEye

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In addition to the well-known top dogs such as Cisco, HP and Juniper, also Huawei is steadly spreading in the field of network devices. I have taken this fact as an impulse to connect a Huawei 2751 S2751- 28TP-PWR-EI-AC to a NetEye appliance and to test which information can be retrieved.

The device I tested is a switch with 24 100Mbit ports and 4 Gigabit ports.

To prepare it, a basic configuration has to be made and we have to make sure, that also the SNMP agent and a SSH configuration are active.

patrick p1

Patrick p2

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Automatic Network Management – A Challenging Goal

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2016-08-17 17_06_49-European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge

Würth Phoenix – Research News

Currently researchers around the world are competing to bring automatic network management to the next level. Würth-Phoenix S.r.l. has recently released a dataset and is currently organizing one of this year’s ECML-PKDD discovery challenges together with The H2020 EU 5G-Cognet project and the University of Trento.

The challenge consists in a multi-class single label classification task of network traffic, as it could be generated by a small company on an average working day. The goal is to predict which application sent which of the requests of the day, while only metrics that do not directly contain this information are available. This challenge is one of the first explorations of ML for automatic network analysis exposed to the public.

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Process Automation with EriZone

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Process Management

As an EriZone consultant I stand at our customers’ side during phases of process changes. Mostly, it is not to change the fundamentals of the workflows, since the companies usually have them already clearly defined and well described in many documents. The challenge is to translate the processes by using a tool that allows to guide the various people/roles which are involved in those processes.

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Advanced Service Dispatcher

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The Classic Service Dispatcher is a powerful tool to sort tickets into the right center of competence (queue) by looking primarily on the ticket service and the company (customer) who opened the ticket.

The new Advanced Service Dispatcher brings full control on the execution order and allows filtering by additional conditions and Regular Expression matching for Services and Dynamic Fields, such that it is possible to have a minimal set of needed Service Dispatchers.

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Save the Date! Customer TouchPoint – September 27, Bolzano

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New approaches and technologies for a more efficient customer service

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are mandatory characteristics of quality Customer Service. That is why service management and ticketing solutions now play a key role in the administration and organization of the service requests, helping companies in the process of continual improvement.

These solutions, in addition, may offer further opportunities through the cloud by boosting your competitiveness thanks to the access to the essential information resources by renewing your corporate processes.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in our next business break where you can get practical examples of the drivers of innovation and strategic change in this area. You will have the perfect chance to learn how leading companies as Microtec or Brennercom can get real advantages in terms of organization, quality customer service and reduced costs.

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