Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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At this special time of year, we give thanks for your trust and loyalty.
May the new year bring to you health, happiness and success.

We think about those who are facing the difficulties of a tragedy, by giving our donations to support the Red Cross in the reconstruction of the areas in Central Italy, recently affected by the earthquake.​

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Preview EriZone 3.6: Follow-up Agent Notifications

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Internal notes on tickets

In many cases, agents who are working on a certain ticket need to discuss about the actual issue with other colleagues. EriZone 3.6 that will be shortly released allows adding private notes to a ticket. Since, such notes are for internal use only and of no interest for the customer, they are visible just to the agents logged to the system.

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How to Create a GLPI Plugin

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Plugins are used to extend and modify the functions of GLPI. In this tutorial, we will see how to create from scratch a GLPI plugin for cloning Computers . This tutorial presumes that you have basic knowledge of GLPI.


  • GLPI <= 0.85

1. Creating a new plugin

Localize the installation folder of GLPI. In our case /var/lib/neteye/glpi. Inside it, you will find the folder plugins/ in which all GLPI plugins are installed.

Now we create a new folder within plugins/ and call it clonecomputer. Within clonecomputer we create the file setup.php.

<? # /var/lib/neteye/glpi/plugins/clonecomputer/setup.php

 * Get the name and the version of the plugin - Needed
function plugin_version_clonecomputer() {
   return array('name'           => "Clone Computer",
                'version'        => '1.0.0',
                'author'         => 'Davide Bizzarri',
                'license'        => 'GPLv2+',
                'homepage'       => '',
                'minGlpiVersion' => '0.85');

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Preview EriZone 3.6: Reduce company ticket view to accessible services

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Within EriZone, customers can visualize their own tickets (though “My Tickets” view) and all the tickets created from other employees of their company (though “Company Tickets” view) in the Customer Web Self-Service Portal.

In order to restrict the view to those company tickets, which concern the available services for the logged customer, a new filter will be introduced with the release of EriZone 3.6. By enabling this filter in SysConfig, no company ticket for not assigned services can be seen.

Img.1: SysConfig parameter

Img.1: SysConfig parameter

Real Life Example:

Let us suppose that two “customers”, hence employees, have different services enabled. Let’s consider the two customers/employees “mihail.marinov” and “testuser”:

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