“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” – E. Deming

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The Christmas break is coming and with it the desire (… and the need!) to close all the activities of this year before returning in January ready to face the new challenges in 2016!

It is now the year’s end and the new year’s budget planning!

To know how to properly plan means not only to be prepared to what the new year will give, but also to know how to be prepared against possible adversities due to excessive undervaluation of risks that could affect the achievement of our expected results.

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Monitoring of UPS – and now also Energy Stations

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An important part of an IT Infrastructure is the UPS and Energy Stations that give the necessary power to your Infrastructure. What you need is Alarms and also longtime data of your UPS and Energy stations. Lately I implemented a new aproach and new plugins for this type of monitoring. While earlier a UPS/ES was monitored over a single plugin now we tried to split the monitoring of these type of devices in 3:

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End User Experience Monitoring of Web Application with Sahi

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Alyvix, our end user monitoring engine, can be used on any Application, web-browsers included. For Web Applications instead, we use the tool Sahi and for bigger infrastructures SahiPro. These tools are much more performant then Alyvix because they can work inside the DOM of the web-browser. Therefore, they are not dependent on screen images to control the applications.

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NetEye 3.6 and RUE 1.9 Have Been Released!

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NetEye 3_6 and RUE 1_9 Release

Effective log auditing, meaningful reports and better integration of the single modules

The new version NetEye 3.6 provides some substantial improvements, to respond to specific customer needs, as well as to satisfy the continuously growing requirements in the complex world of IT monitoring.

Major investments were made in the fields of reporting and SLA measurement. Thanks to a unified data structure, the merge of decentral collected data in a single reporting database is now possible.

Get an overview about the latest developments:

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