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17. 04. 2019 TobiasGoller Capacity Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

MSSQL Performance Monitoring: The Sequel

Due to the very positive customer feedback on our extended MSSQL performance monitoring article, I would like to briefly highlight this functionality. We have been implementing systems for MSSQL performance monitoring for a long time, offered either as a managed IT service, or on-premise depending on the requirements. Previously, we recorded and evaluated counters such… Read More

08. 04. 2019 Alessandro Romboli NetEye, NetEye ITOA

Anonymous Access for Wall Dashboards

Scenario A lot of people who have a NetEye monitoring system will set up a Wall Dashboard to display the status of their most important services and vital performance data. If these Dashboards are built using Grafana (in the ITOA menu in NetEye 4), you will encounter the problem that you will need to bypass… Read More

27. 03. 2019 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

NetEye 4 Performance and Tactical Monitoring Overview

In one of my previous posts I described how to create a customized NetEye 3 Tactical Monitoring Overview dashboard with Grafana and Telegraf. Here I’d like to show you how you can create a similar dashboard (much faster) for NetEye 4. The NetEye 4 Tactical Overview quickly provides basic information on the status of hosts, services… Read More

21. 12. 2018 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

How to Back Up All of Your Grafana Dashboards

Grafana has become one of the most used modules of NetEye.  As many of you know, it’s very easy to export and import individual Grafana dashboards using the existing export functionality via JSON. [1] Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to export all dashboards and data sources at once and then implement a… Read More

26. 11. 2018 Susanne Greiner NetEye, NetEye ITOA

How to Drop a Tag in InfluxDB

If  you’ve ever had cardinality problems with InfluxDB, you might have discovered that a tag is the likely culprit.  Well done!  But now your next step is getting rid of that tag, and that’s when you’ll realize that in a time series database, tags play an important role in indexing.  Because dropping tags is rather complicated,… Read More

21. 11. 2018 Juergen Vigna Capacity Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye, NetEye ITOA

Manage the Performance of your MSSQL Databases

So you have MSSQL databases and you’d like to keep an eye on the performance of your DB.  Using NetEye this is quite easy.  The  tools you need are already available on your NetEye server:  InfluxDB, the Telegraf agent, and Grafana for visualizing your Dashboards. The SQL Server Input Plugin provides metrics for your SQL… Read More

27. 09. 2018 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

Tactical Monitoring Overview: A Fresh Look!

With this blog I want to show you how to use Grafana 5 and Telegraf to give NetEye 3’s Tactical Monitoring Overview a great new look. The current Tactical Monitoring Overview is based on the Thruk frontend, and provides a lot of information about the current monitoring status. This includes the status of hosts, services,… Read More

25. 09. 2018 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Be Like Bill. Talk To Your EriZone Consultant.

It’s 16:00 on the first Friday in April Jeff is sitting in his office chair, and responds at the first ring of his CISCO VoIP phone. Bob’s screams come out of the receiver and Jeff instinctively pulls it away from his ear. Bob isn’t satisfied that the tickets opened by his group are always resolved… Read More

10. 01. 2018 Benjamin Gröber Development, NetEye, Uncategorized

How to Build Dashboards for NetEye Monitoring Events Using Grafana as a MySQL Datasource

In the latest releases of our dashboarding solution, Grafana, support for new relational datasources is included. These new datasources give us the ability to build native dashboards with relational datasets.  In this blog I’d like to walk you through building up a high level dashboard for monitoring events. The data we want to query is… Read More

07. 12. 2017 Valentina Da Rold NetEye

How to Customize Your Grafana Theme

Grafana is an open source dashboard tool that helps users to easily create and edit dashboards. Grafana uses Golang as a backend and Angular as frontend. It is quite a large codebase and supports a large number of options for its components (data sources, options, panels, etc.). Grafana’s stylesheet is written using the Sass CSS extension… Read More

19. 09. 2017 Massimo Giaimo Uncategorized

Vittime di attacchi cibernetici? NetEye e Kibana possono aiutarvi!

La sicurezza informatica rientra tra le principali priorità di ogni CIO. Gli attacchi cibernetici sono ormai una realtà che va affrontata quotidianamente. Sempre più aziende rientrano tra le vittime dei cosiddetti cybercrime dovendo, loro malgrado, pagarne le conseguenze in termini finanziari, operativi e di reputazione. Ecco perché cercare di strutturare meglio le difese, aumentando l’efficienza… Read More

19. 09. 2017 Massimo Giaimo Information Security Operations Center, Information Security Operations Center, NetEye, NetEye

Do you want to prevent cyber-attacks? NetEye and Kibana can help.

IT security is one of the highest priorities for every CIO. Cyber-attacks are now a reality that we must deal with on a daily basis. More and more organizations have been the victims of so-called cybercrimes that are the cause of financial losses, operational problems and consequences to the company’s reputation. That is why trying… Read More

17. 02. 2017 Susanne Greiner Uncategorized

Grafana Dashboard Tuning: aussagekräftige Informationen statt einem Haufen Daten

Grafana und InfluxDB sind jetzt in unsere IT System Management Lösung NetEye integriert. Diese Entscheidung wurde hauptsächlich getroffen, weil Grafana & InfluxDB in Kombination einen sehr hohen Grad an Flexibilität und Anpassung bieten. Neben dem Log Management, Inventory & Asset Management, Business Service Management und weiteren, bietet NetEye nun auch ein IT Operations Analytics Modul…. Read More

17. 02. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye, NetEye, NetEye

How to Tune Your Grafana Dashboards

Grafana and InfluxDB have been integrated to our IT System Management solution NetEye. This step was motivated by the high flexibility and variability offered by the combination of the two open source tools. Besides modules such as Log Management, Inventory & Asset Management, Business Service Management and many others, NetEye now offers also an IT Operations… Read More

17. 02. 2017 Susanne Greiner Uncategorized

Linee guida per l’ottimizzazione delle dashboard di Grafana

Recentemente Grafana e InfluxDB sono stati integrati nella nostra soluzione di IT System Management NetEye. Questa decisione è motivata dai elevati livelli di flessibilità e varietà offerte dalla combinazione di questi due strumenti open source. Oltre a Log Management, Inventory & Asset Management, Business Service Management e altri, ora NetEye offre anche un modulo IT Operations Analytics…. Read More