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30. 09. 2020 Stefano Bruno NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring with Your Own Icinga DSL Script

In this article I’ll talk about Icinga DSL and how it can be extremely useful if you want to compute thresholds. Our goal today is to be able to change certain monitoring thresholds when some parameters change. Example The example I propose is the following: I’m a system administrator, and I would like the warning…

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01. 09. 2020 Alessandro Valentini Icinga Web 2, NetEye

NetPye: how to use a RaspberryPi as NetEye Satellite

This article explains how to set up a NetEye4 satellite using a Raspberry Pi. This is not an official guide and this solution is not officially supported. As test-bed I used a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB of ram, 32GB microSD card and NetEye 4.12 single-node installation as master. Master Configuration Add a new zone…

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21. 08. 2020 Nicola Degara NetEye, Service Management, SLM, Unified Monitoring

The NetEye and Jira Cloud Ecosystem Is Even More Integrated

Between one trial run and another, in these summer days I’ve also taken my time to deepen the theme on the interaction between NetEye 4 and ticketing systems. For my tests I chose the Jira Service Desk Cloud, and I must honestly say that the result achieved was satisfactory ūüôā As a method of integration…

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23. 06. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Identify and Monitor Active Directory Domain Controllers with NetEye 4

NetEye 4, thanks to the Director module, offers very powerful mechanisms when it comes to fetching data from external data sources. Among the external resources that can be configured in NetEye 4 there is clearly LDAP / Active Directory. This type of resource can be used for multiple purposes: Authentication of users Import of LDAP…

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31. 03. 2020 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Configure Telegram Notifications on NetEye

In a previous post, Valentina showed us how to configure Slack Notifications‚Ķ and here I will similarly show you how to configure Telegram notifications on NetEye. Create a Telegram Bot A very easy way to create a bot on Telegram is through … another bot ūüėČ BotFather is a Telegram bot dedicated to the creation…

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30. 09. 2019 Giuseppe Di Garbo Icinga News, NetEye

Downtime with NetEye 4 Using Icinga 2 API

Scheduling downtime is extremely useful, if not essential, for the correct management of a monitoring system. What exactly is downtime and what is the reason for having it? ‚ÄúDowntime can be scheduled for planned server maintenance or any other targeted service outage you are aware of in advance. Downtime suppresses notifications and can trigger other…

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27. 06. 2019 Stefano Bruno NetEye, Unified Monitoring

A Simple Way to Deploy Linux Agents Using the Icinga 2 API

The Agent‚Äôs distribution is probably one of those more time-consuming tasks. This can be for various reasons: different operating systems, network segregation, administrative credentials that are difficult to obtain, or even more simply, a large number of Agents to install. We know that the Agent installation on Windows servers is made easier by this PowerShell…

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17. 12. 2018 Valentina Da Rold NetEye, Unified Monitoring

IPL Turns NetEye 4 Development Upside Down

We are witnessing a deep transformation within the NetEye 4 core: Icinga Web 2 will move from the Zend Framework to a totally new library called IPL (Icinga PHP Library).¬† This change is already underway in the NetEye 4.3 release with the new version of the Director module.¬† The Icinga team has already partially introduced…

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05. 12. 2018 Valentina Da Rold NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to create a new ZendForm element for Icinga Web 2

In one of the latest releases of the EventHandler module for NetEye 4 we introduce, for the first time, a completely customized form element.¬† In order to satisfy certain EventHandler usage constraints, we needed to create a drop-down element that allows the user to enter a custom value in addition to choosing one of the…

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25. 09. 2018 Valentina Da Rold NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Integrate an External jQuery Plugin in Icinga Web 2

As already mentioned in my other blog posts, NetEye 4 is based on Icinga Web 2, a powerful PHP framework. During the development of some of our custom NetEye modules for Icinga Web 2, we needed to include some new, custom jQuery plugins to create a neat new effect in the GUI.¬† For example, with…

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28. 06. 2017 Valentina Da Rold Uncategorized

Erstellen eines neuen Themes f√ľr Icinga Web 2

Icinga Web 2 ist ein leistungsstarkes PHP-Framework f√ľr Webapplikationen, das sich vor Allem durch sein √ľbersichtliches, minimalistisches Design auszeichnet. Es ist schnell, responsive, benutzerfreundlich und einfach erweiterbar. Folgt man der auf dem offiziellen Repository beschriebenen Konfigurations-Prozedur ist auch die Installation ein Leichtes. (siehe Verlinkung am Ende des Artikels) Neben der Systemkonfiguration, haben die Benutzer auch…

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28. 06. 2017 Valentina Da Rold Icinga News, NetEye, NetEye, NetEye

Icinga Web 2 Theming

Icinga Web 2 is a powerful PHP framework for web applications in a clean, minimal design. It’s fast, responsive, accessible and easily extensible with modules. It can be installed quickly and easily from packages found in the official package repositories (see the resource links at the bottom of this blog post). Besides the global configuration…

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28. 06. 2017 Valentina Da Rold Uncategorized

Creare un tema per Icinga Web 2

Icinga Web 2 √© un potente framework PHP per applicazioni web, caratterizzato da un design minimale. √Č veloce, responsive, user-friendly e facilmente estensibile attraverso l’installazione di moduli. Pu√≥ essere facilmente installato seguendo la veloce procedura di configurazione che si trova sul repository ufficiale (vedi riferimento alla fine del blog). In aggiunta alle configurazioni di sitema,…

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23. 06. 2009 Andrea di Lernia NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Quando l’ambiente influenza negativamente l’affidabilit√° dei server

Un azienda continuava ad avere problemi con l’affidabilit√† dei server perch√© la temperatura superava i limiti e i server andavano in protezione spegnendosi. Questi server erano collocati in alcuni negozi sparsi sul territorio¬†e dotati di una¬†climatizzazione non troppo affidabile. Essendo i negozi anche aperti di sabato era importante trovare una soluzione che garantisse il funzionamento…

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15. 06. 2009 Georg Kostner NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Molto movimento attorno a Nagios

Molto movimento e siti nuovi su Nagios Nagios Wiki Re-Lunch Nuovo Nagios Exchange ! Documentazione su Nagios in lingua Italiania. Siti che esistono da prima e si può supporre che in futuro recente saranno rinominati sul fork di Nagios di nome Icinga Nagios Exchange rinominato in monitoring exchange

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