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14. 12. 2018 MarinovMihail Uncategorized

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.3.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.3.opm Fixes: -Quick ticket remain in Dispatcher queue -Multi select dynamic field could not be emptied -Disable remote db field update on form update EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.6.1.opm Fixes: -Service comment not displayed on ticket by service EriZoneTheme-5.6.3.opm Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence: EriZone… Read More

05. 12. 2018 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

How to create a new ZendForm element for Icinga Web 2

In one of the latest releases of the EventHandler module for NetEye 4 we introduce, for the first time, a completely customized form element.  In order to satisfy certain EventHandler usage constraints, we needed to create a drop-down element that allows the user to enter a custom value in addition to choosing one of the… Read More

05. 12. 2018 Michele Santuari Development, NetEye

Research & Development – Backlog (Part 2)

We described in a prior blog post how the Research & Development team has adopted a full Agile approach.  Although the basic principles remain unchanged and all team members have embraced a mindset of self-organization and team collaboration, in recent years new challenges have arisen that require continuous improvements in our methodologies. In particular, in this blog post we… Read More

04. 12. 2018 Michele Santuari NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2 and icingaweb2-module-update for NetEye 4.3

Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.1_neteye1.20.2-1 and icingaweb2-module-update to version 0.4.2-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed: Missing instructions in the “Additional Modules” user guide page.

03. 12. 2018 Michele Santuari NetEye Updates

Updated icinga2, icingaweb2, neteye, neteye-setup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, elasticsearch-plugin-searchguard, searchguard-plugin-common for NetEye 4.3

Updated icinga2 to version 2.10.1_neteye1.4.8-1, icingaweb2 to version 2.6.1_neteye1.20.1-1, neteye to version 4.3.0-8, and neteye-setup to version1:1.0.0-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed:  A cluster’s external and internal hostnames must be configurable (NET4-100) Updated elasticsearch-neteye-config to version 1.3.2-1, elasticsearch-plugin-searchguard to version 0.3.1-1, and searchguard-plugin-common to version 0.3.1-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed: Adapt the configuration to use the internal hostname… Read More